Top 10 Benefits of PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Want thicker, stronger hair? Try our PRP Hair Loss Treatment!

The pressure to be beautiful and physically attractive in today’s world is massive. Hair is the most important part of appearance and it also impacts our self-esteem.

Research is showing that beautiful hair can easily give a person a boost to confidence. Likewise, going bald can lower confidence and affect mental health overall. Well, what can we do to stop hair loss? What are my options? Is PRP the most effective? Continue reading. This blog post covers everything including the Top 10 Benefits Of PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

PRP: Fast Facts:

  • As we have seen the majority of Hair Loss treatments are painful, ineffective, and slow and can even cause a lot of side effects. That’s why more and more people are considering PRP hair loss treatment to combat hair loss and live more confidently.
  • PRP uses your own blood. The professional extracts your blood, places it in the centrifuge and separates the blood components. The platelet-rich plasma is then sensibly introduced at different locations in the scalp.
  • PRP help heals the hair follicles from which the hair grows. So that you know, PRP can be used to treat alopecia areata, and androgenetic alopecia, aka male pattern baldness in which the person losses hair in a well-defined pattern!
  • It offers positive, effective, and long-lasting results.


Fast Approach:

Unlike medications, PRP can give you the desired results fast. It can help the scalp restore hair growth in a few months.

Minimal Side-Effects:

Very rarely, patients experience infection after PRP but usually, there is just mild bruising and swelling in your scalp, which subsides quickly and can be easily alleviated with ice packs.

Controls Hair Loss:

Many patients experience notable hair growth after three to four sessions. But the results may vary depending on the type of hair loss, the number of PRP injections used, and the sessions.

Most Effective:

Undoubtedly, PRP is the most effective hair loss treatment. Rather than utilizing artificial implants, it uses your own blood to improve hair growth, meaning that the effects really last and the treatment is 100% safe. It can even be used for severe hair loss. For example, patients with alopecia areata will find that their hair no longer falls in bunches.


Visiting the clinic regularly may seem a big expense, but it’s actually a great investment as it offers a long-lasting solution. Consider how much money you have spent on hair loss medications, home remedies in your life. I am certain if you add the expenses up, it’s likely to cost much more than PRP sessions.

Good for You:

PRP doesn’t involve any external material to work – instead uses the patient’s own blood – to restore thicker hair, so there is no risk of serious complications. You will have beautiful thick hair without any damage.


Getting your hair done with PRP might seem dangerous, but it is actually the safest Hair Loss Treatment, provided that the technician is trained, and experienced.


At Dynamic Clinic, PRP hair loss treatment is done under local anesthesia by certified doctors. Anesthesia makes our treatments virtually painless; you don’t feel any pain and can do whatever you want to do while receiving the session.

Fewer Sessions Required:

With PRP, it is vital to use repeated sessions spaced a month apart to see the full effects. However, after about six sessions, only simple, routine maintenance is needed.

Note: Most probably, maintenance sessions will be as far as nine weeks apart.

Long-Lasting Results:

While PRP may seem a lot expensive, you are actually saving money. It provides incredibly long-lasting results. With proper maintenance, hair fall is considerably controlled and in some cases, hair fall has almost entirely stopped.

PRP Alternatives:

The four best PRP alternatives are:

  1. Hair transplant
  2. Laser therapy
  3. Minoxidil
  4. Finasteride

The Takeaway!

Overall, PRP is a highly effective treatment that offers long-lasting results, minimal downtime, and numerous benefits.

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