Tooth Filling Cost in Dubai

Dental care is a part of life. No matter how much one proud of healthy teeth, oral care maintenance becomes mandatory at times. Chances of tooth decay can cause teeth holes, and “Tooth fillings” help repair them. Insurance companies mainly cover the upfront cost of Tooth Filling in Dubai, but most of us aren’t aware of the actual charges.

This blog has stated the exact Tooth Filling cost in Dubai. Continue ahead for details.

Typical Cost:

In Dubai, the average cost of Tooth Filling is from AED 200 to AED 1000. Most tooth fillings hold stable costs if a single surface is to be treated. However, the type of filling also affects actual cost. At Dynamic, you can find Composite fillings at AED 250 for one surface, AED 350 for two surfaces, and AED 400 for three surfaces.

Why Cost Varies?

All Tooth fillings aren’t the same as there are many options available to choose from. Some are allied to purely cosmetic reasons, while others are general purposes. But every tooth filling is functional and entails a variety of choices that comes with different price tags.

Below are some factors responsible for cost variation.

  • Type of Tooth Filling
  • Size of cavity
  • Dentist’s capability
  • Number of Tooth fillings
  • Additional costs (extra dental services)

Composite Filling Cost:

Composite or resin fillings usually cost from AED 250 to AED 400 for one or two sides. It’s the dentist’s first choice for its similarity to natural teeth and affordable rates.

Amalgam Filling Cost:

Silver amalgam fillings are the cheapest can cost from AED 200 to AED 300. However, this filling is less popular as it’s much noticeable and not preferred aesthetically.

Cost Of Gold & Porcelain Fillings:

Gold and porcelain fillings are expensive than any filling material. However, they last for a long time even several decades and are aesthetically pleasing, and resistant to staining.

Results Of Tooth Filling Dubai:

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Which Filling is Best? Composite or Amalgam?

Since so many types are encapsulated in fillings. Composite and Amalgam stand out as most dominant and highly preferred. And when it comes to their comparison—Amalgam filling is less priced than Composite Fillings. It might be due to less similarity to natural teeth.

Amalgam Cost: AED 200:

On the other side, composite fillings are pretty expensive but a great match to the natural bonding of your teeth. In addition, it quickly fills the tooth without the need to remove the excess tooth. And later on, it doesn’t require frequent dentist’s visits overtime.

Composite Cost: AED 250:

At Dynamic, we prefer composite fillings for tooth decay, as they are reported as the ideal tooth restoration method.

Why Prefer Our Dental Services?

Dynamic Dental clinic in Dubai is renowned for its trained dentists who make minor adjustments and transform the smile strikingly. Our dental services are recognized all over UAE and less priced compared with other dental clinics. But cheap rates never affect the level of our services and care we give to our patients. Our team has the necessary skill with placing tooth-colored fillings, ensuring our patients are comfortable throughout the procedure.

If you have infected, old fillings, we can replace them with composite ones.

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The Bottom Line!

We offer hundreds of dentistry procedures. Including Tooth fillings, Braces, aligners, veneers, and much more. Besides, any questions or inquires related to the Types of Tooth Fillings in Dubai and Tooth Filling costs in Dubai can be addressed directly by our dentist. Reach out today at the office to get started

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