PDO Thread Lift For Neck-Eye-and- Nose -Thread Lift Treatment Dubai

Would you like to reduce the indications of aging without having to undergo facelift surgery? There is excellent news for you. PDO thread lifts in Dubai constitute a groundbreaking cosmetic surgery gaining favor among physicians and patients. The next page discusses how this therapy works and is appropriate for you.

What exactly is PDO Thread Lift?

PDO is an abbreviation for polydioxanone. These disposable threads have been utilized for decades in treatments that need easily absorbed sutures, such as cardiac surgery, orthopedics, and tissue engineering. PDO is now evolving and creating waves in the realm of aesthetics.

As we grow, our skin gradually loses collagen and suppleness. Drooping across the facial asymmetry, eyes, chin, and jawline might arise from this. The PDO Thread Lift may rejuvenate, lift, and define drooping regions on your face while restoring lost collagen.

Thread lift with PDO threading is a non-surgical process that is milder and kinder than other methods of obtaining a younger appearance. The face is ‘lifted’ back towards a more youthful condition by using tiny, biodegradable threads under the face while simultaneously eliminating creases and fine lines.

PDO thread lifting involves dragging the face into a new posture and activating the skin’s natural reaction to the threads. It includes the production of collagen, increased blood flow, and the tightening of the skin.

While the threads lift & straighten saggy skin, your skin immediately becomes firmer. You will continue to witness changes in the look of your skin for 4 to 6 months as the body produces more protein in the treatment region. Based on how the skin reacts to the therapy, the effects could last for 12 months.

What Areas Can This Treatment Improve?

The benefit of a PDO thread lift is that it might enhance numerous aspects of your face. However, it is most commonly performed as a lower facial thread lift because other non-invasive techniques are ineffective. This treatment is recommended to tackle the following issues:

  • Loose, sagging skin on the face 
  • Neck, jawline, and cheeks 
  • Marionette lines
  • Deep creases and folds above the eyes 
  • Brow/forehead 
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Thread meshing for acne scars

PDO Thread Lift Provides a plethora of Advantages

PDO Thread lifts produce outcomes for skin renewal, skin lifting, and fine line and crease elimination. Other advantages of thread face lift include:

Immediately noticeable and natural-looking outcome:

PDO thread lifts, on the other hand, produce immediate results. Even better, after several months, the effects increase as the body produces new, nutritious collagen.

The Treatment Is Risk-Free:

The FDA has authorized PDO thread lifts, and polydioxanone has just been routinely utilized for cardiac surgery and other therapeutic uses for over a decade. It is an intrinsically safe substance and is not rejected by the body. Moreover, PDO threads are biocompatible and safe, satisfying all US Pharmacopeia criteria (USP).

Adaptable treatment:

Doctors may customize their therapy to match each patient’s individual aesthetic goals thanks to the wide variety of threads accessible and the flexibility to infuse them from various angles. Delicate lines, for instance, are excellent for adding volume to the cheekbones and chins. On the other side, pretty thick threads effectively elevate and smooth the skin beneath the neckline and across the jawline.


There is no downtime, and the procedure is non-surgical

Although many individuals desire to combat the symptoms of aging, not everyone is willing to have cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, Thread lifts involve no incisions or scars and may be completed in a single office visit. There is little recuperation time so that you may get back to your usual daily routine immediately. While certain precautions are required, they will not significantly disrupt your way.

No-Pain Treatment:

Threads only enter the top layers of skin. Treatment is not unpleasant because there are some nerve receptors there. The usage of topical anesthetics keeps you comfortable during the process.

Complementary to Other Treatments:

One of the advantages of PDO thread lifting is that one may use it with other cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers and Botulinum injections without any contraindications or side effects.

How Does Therapy Work?

First, we will conduct a consultation to establish your appropriateness for treatment, including a skin examination and a conversation about the cosmetic goals. We will then need precise medical details, such as previous cosmetic surgery, prescriptions, and drug sensitivities.

We’ll continue once we’ve determined that all is in order and that you are eligible for the therapy. A typical PDO thread lift therapy lasts roughly 30 minutes. The treatment starts with cleaning your face to eliminate any dirt or oil. Afterward, we’ll numb the therapy region and give you a local anesthetic, so you don’t experience any discomfort during your procedure.

The injection into the treatment region is the next step. There are several thread kinds to pick from, depending on what you need to do. PDO threads could be injected using blunt or pointed needles called cannulas. These cannulas are placed into various layers of the skin, allowing the threads to attach and elevate your skin.

PDO Thread Lift at Dynamic Clinic!

Expert doctors at Dynamic Clinic Dubai confidently conduct the PDO Thread Lifting operation. We are dedicated to collaborating with doctors, health professionals, and patients to create safe, creative, and meaningful medicines that enable people all over the globe to live longer, healthier lifestyles. We value safety and quality above all else, and we are committed to engaging with a dedicated and focused aesthetic community that stimulates and inspires one another to improve.