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Your facial beauty is as essential as your morning coffee. If you go without it, then your whole day gets sick. The same with your face. If it is beauty less, then you feel absolutely not perfect. Face fate and reshape to make you uncomfortable in your circles. So there’s no need to be concerned. A new method has been introduced to transform your appearance, which is highly recommended Face Threads Lifts in Dubai help to boost your collagen formation, which is an essential element for facial beauty, but as you get older, the aging factor impacts more on your face.

This process stimulates function and makes your face young. This is significant since collagen is essential to the aging process. Are you interested in knowing how much Face Threads Lift costs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Then you just make sure it is a very reasonable technique that helps you to make your facial appearance more youthful and beautiful by adding a smoother touch that makes your face look like baby skin.

What Is the Process of Face Thread Lift?

It works in a very simple way.

  • The initial step is relatively simple, your doctor can stretch your skin tight around your forehead, neck, or chest by inserting tiny, absorbable threads below it.
  • As the needle is drawn tight, unseen, uncomfortable “barbed hooks” keep hold of your skin to ensure that the thread is holding your epidermis and fibers.
  • Your body starts to mend itself once a hooked thread is implanted.
  • The threads beneath your skin don’t hurt you, but your body recognizes a repair and increases the creation of collagen where it is present. It gives your face a more elastic, youthful appearance.


Generally, the fundamental method is very precise, but it depends on your facial area and the experts’ selections.

  • In the first step, you have to lie down, then expertly apply an anesthetic to your skin to prepare for the process.
  • Then threads are injected under your skin operating a tiny syringe or cannula.
  • The threading process in Dubai will be completed in 30 and 45 minutes,
  • The procedure of insertion will be eliminated, and behind the ropes have been placed.
  • Your face will be tightened and smoother, then the needles will be removed gently.

Following-Procedure Care:

As it is a non-invasive method for Threads Face Lift in Dubai to fix your aging by giving a fresh look to your face, it does not have lengthy and strict aftercare, but you have to take care of some important things to obtain the best effects.

  • A successful thread lift requires a concise healing time. 
  • You may feel swelling and bruising, but it will disappear after some hours.
  • Outcomes will be noticeable immediately after the process.
  • You can assume on with your regular activities after a procedure.
  • No screeching and itching in targeted areas.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Only use prescribed medication.

The Benefits of Face Threads in Dubai:

There are multiple benefits to getting these treatments.

  • Immediately raise the chin and forehead.
  • flattened and without a double-layered neck.
  • It produces a well-curved jawline.
  • A facial profile with precise proportions.
  • a vibrant, youthful appearance.
  • It compressed the saggy skin.
  • It boosts collagen formation.
  • It stimulates the facial system.


These face treads are used for tightening saggy skin and giving a fresh look to your skin by removing aging factors. There are targeted areas that can be fixed by utilizing the process. Ideal candidates are given below.

  • If you have loose skin.
  • Applicants have aging factors on their faces.
  • Jawline enhancement.
  • Second chin removal.
  • Under-eye skin shrinks.
  • Breast tightening.
  • Neck areas can be pulled.
  • Forehead crease elimination.


The outcomes of the process are very visible and quick. Healing time is very short.

  • You will notice a quick transformation in the facial areas.
  • No side effects.
  • Painless process.
  • It tightens the targeted area,
  • Give your face a fresh and smooth look.
  • You will notice a very young look.


If you’re wondering how much Face Threads Lift costs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, rest assured that the prices at Enfield Royal Clinic are very reasonable. The total cost will be determined after examining your area.

  • The condition of your targeted area can affect the cost. If you have a very severe skin condition, it will require more treatment, and the charges will be different.
  • If the expert is highly reputable and famous for the treatment, then the price will be altered.
  • If the clinic is located in a very posh area, the price will change.
  • A repeat of the process would be nice too if the number of sessions could also play a role in the price.

The thread lift costs in Dubai approximately AED 8,000 but by considering all these elements, then the expenses will be accordingly.

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