Thread lift For Eyes in Dubai

The thread lift procedure lifts your eyes to beauty

Are you in need of a more youthful and aesthetic look for your eyes? Feeling envious of the people who already have it?

All of this can vanish away through one simple procedure of thread lift, for your eyes. Thread for eyes comes in a variety of option that includes, cat eye thread lift, fox eye thread lift, and thread lift for hooded eyes. Its main purpose is to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes and get rid of the droopy-looking eyes and the eyes bags that make a person look older and tired.

There are many options that people have opted to avoid their loopy eyes, those options include using face masks, creams, and serums and going for a complex surgical procedure for an eyelid lift, to address the loose skin on the upper and lower eyelid. While conventional methods, such as the usage of creams, serums, and masks, may seem to give out some kind of relaxation to the person, they are only known to work on rare occasions and demand a great deal of consistency and commitment on the individual’s behalf.

Find out more information about the functions of Thread eye lifts and how they work and cost in Dubai, through this article.


How Does Cat Eye Lift in Dubai Works?

The Cat eye thread lift in Dubai is known to be one of the greatest breakthroughs ever made. Nowadays, we commonly hear the word cat eye through various social media handles, where famous good renowned influencers give out the tutorial to their followers, so they can get their cat eyes done effectively through makeup. However, it may time a lot of time and effort to master the art and so thread lift has made out lives easier in a way.

During the procedure, the doctor uses temporary tiny dissolvable threads to come up with a notable lift in the area between the eyebrow and the upper eyelid. The procedure takes around an hour to be completed and since it is minimally invasive, local anesthesia works best for it.

The cost of a cat eye thread lift in Dubai depends on several factors such as its type, how equipped and well-trained the doctor is, and where the doctor is located. However, it typically starts from AED 1500 but can range from AED 10000 to AED 25000 as well.


How Does Fox Eye Thread Lift in Dubai work?

Another popular thread lift for eyes procedure is the fox eye thread lift, which is aimed at solving the drooping eyelids problem for most men and women. The process involves the insertion of dissolvable threads in the area above and below the eyes to lift the brows. Although it is a temporary solution, it gives out effective results.

The preparation of the treatments requires the candidate to take some precautionary measures. For example, the dermatologist instructs the patient to avoid contact with sunlight for about 2 weeks before the treatment takes place, and to not use aspirin medication a week before the treatment. The dermatologist also advises the client to not wear makeup on the day of the treatment and to stay away from drinking alcoholic beverages for at least a month, before the treatment. The cost of fox eye thread lift treatment in Dubai starts from AED 12,000.

Other kinds of Thread Lift for Eyes:

There are other types of thread lifts that help a person achieve the eye look they always desired. These types include the Meso threads, PDO threads, and the thread lifts for hooded eyes.

Meso Thread:

This procedure in Dubai helps securely restore all the natural facial features such as tightness, and firmness improves volume and decreases the look of wrinkles. Doctors tend to inject these threads into specific problematic areas of the face, which may include the cheeks, necks, or torso, to extend and strengthen the tissues.

PDO Thread Lift:

This advanced procedure in Dubai leads to immediate skin lifting and secondly, it constricts adipose tissue that immediately tightens the skin. Another crucial advantage of the procedure is that it stimulates collagen formation, allowing the skin to be renewed at a cellular level. furthermore, improves skin structure, decreases the appearance of fine lines and creases, and makes the skin more flexible.

Note: The cost for the above-mentioned procedures starts from AED 150 per thread.

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