Thread Lift Cost for Double Chin in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Having a slim and sleek  face along with a double chin is a problem, so you need effective therapies to correct it. A perfect face is one that has prominent cheekbones, well contoured jaw lines and flattened chin. It is very common for a person to have a Double Chin especially when they are gaining weight or they have just lost a couple of pounds excessively. In both the cases a double chin is very likely to sag and drool. To put an end to your double chin problems we suggest you take a therapy of  Thread lift for double chin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Here’s what the treatment is all about: 

What Causes Double Chin on the Face? 

Being too overweight:

One does not just gain extra pounds only on the body but on the face also. The Part of the face where most of the fat collects is below the chin and around the jaw line. This fat accumulation below the skin forms a double chin. 


Obesity is another form of excessive weight gain but it is duly as a result of any medical condition like diabetes or hormonal disorder. They collectively cause more and more fat deposition across the jaw line leaving it poorly contoured and forming a double chin.

Sudden loss of weight or cachexia ( loss of muscle mass) 

Patients who had cancer, tumor or any surgery often get double chin because of loss of sudden muscle fat and sagging muscle below the chin. 


If either of your parents had a double chin issue then it is very likely that the same genetic picture can be inherited to you too.  


The Most popular and prevalent cause of double chin is aging. The muscles below the jaw and above the neck tend to lose their tonicity. As a result the chin starts to appear as skin folds which give a double chin look. 

What are the Treatment Options for Double Chin ? 

  • Regular face exercises. 
  • Head to chin bands.
  • Facials and massages. 
  • Therapies like thread lift.

Which is the Best Treatment for Double Chin? 

Regular facial and exercises can contour the double chin but only to a very limited extent. Moreover, it will only show results when done consistently and will take a very long time. However, we now introduce you with the thread lift in Dubai that is one of the mostly hyped and effective therapies. 

What is a Thread Lift Treatment ? 

A thread lift treatment instantly lifts and tightens the double chin or cheeks. It is done by using some fine thread-like structures. The uplifting slowly and gradually tones the muscles and tightens them up. 

How is the Procedure of Thread Lift Done? 

  • Before starting the treatment the aestheticians  make sure that the candidate is well aware about the treatment. 
  • The candidate is prepared and is laid down to relax. Meanwhile the esthetician will prepare the necessary tools. 
  • The aesthetician will lift the chin and the cheeks using needles and absorbing sutures (threads) 
  • The entire procedure takes around 30 to 40 minutes. Rest assured that the double chine will be lifted and tightened within a few days. 

What Happens After the Thread lifts?

  • Instant lifting of the chin.
  • Smooth flattened and no more double layered chin. 
  • A well contoured jawline. 
  • A perfectly shaped facial profile. 
  • A young and radiant appearance.

How Much Does a Thread Lift Cost in Dubai? 

Double chin thread lift cost in Dubai roughly starts from 500 AED per thread is fairly less than any other facial surgeries. This is because we believe in providing a cost effective treatment rather than running a trade. 

Why Choose Us? 

If you are looking for a chin thread lift near me then we welcome you. We will provide you with the following services: 

  • A clean environment 
  • A well trained staff working in the supervision of top notch doctors 
  • Sterilized equipment used on one patient at a time. 

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