Things You Should Know Before Getting Concentrated Growth Factor Therapy

While CFG is generally used for correcting sports injuries, especially in bones and muscles but it has many other benefits as well. However, before moving on to the benefits, let’s first understand, what CGFs are actually.

What is a concentrated growth factor?

It is an advanced version of platelet concentrate. Although, the process of collecting growth factors is similar to PRP, but it has some differences. The biggest difference lies in centrifugation speed. CFG therapy results in a matrix that is larger, and richer in growth factors as compared to PRP. And this is why it is usually preferred over PRP and PRF.

Concentrated growth factor therapy brings a lot of benefits. It has the ability to improve the production of collagen, elastin, stem cells, and other essential components of the body in order to combat various health conditions. It is ideally suitable for people who want to fix damaged skin or control hair loss. The treatment involves injecting the patient’s own blood into problematic regions. The doctor breaks down the patient’s blood and separates concentrated growth factors from it. This is minimally invasive, so local anesthesia will be enough during the procedure.

Is it painful?

Blood extraction can be a little painful. However, you don’t have to worry about it since local anesthesia will be used during the therapy. With it, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort.

Interesting facts about the results of CGF therapy:

The upshots of CGF are incredible and natural-looking. However, please note that it is not a single attempt at CGF therapy that produces the desired results, you have to take at least three sessions to see a notable change in the affected region. For further information about the number of sessions, you should consult any dermatologist in your area.

How do you prepare for Concentrated Growth Factor Therapy?

Have a full evaluation with a doctor to find out if you are suitable for this treatment or not. This will most likely include a full discussion of your medical history, medications, and allergies.

What are the benefits of Concentrated Growth Factors therapies?

The primary purpose of these growth factors is to trigger the healing and recovery process after any surgical treatment. CGFs are those powerful components of the human body that speeds up the transfer of message between the brain and the body. It provokes bone regeneration, and tissue repair, and fills bone cavities, which are a major source of pain for some people. Moreover, some doctors started using growth factors in surgical treatments like gum enhancement, bone augmentation, and other dental procedures.

CGF and dental procedures:

We know that dental procedures are quite painful and to help people with this pain, doctors started using Concentrate growth factors in dental therapies. However, besides reducing pain, CGFs are also responsible for making these treatments more effective and less time-consuming.

CGF PRP therapy for dull skin:

Do you want to get rid of wrinkles? Is your skin look dull? Do you think your skin needs enhancement?

If yes, we have brought a perfect solution for you. With the combination of CGF and PRP, you can achieve the skin that you have always dreamt of. It produces amazing skin rejuvenation effects that really help it be known as a wonderful anti-aging treatment. The therapy restores the skin’s beauty by stimulating tissue regeneration. However, keep this mind that some of the results of this combination are gradual, and take months to be seen on the skin.

After this therapy:

After having this treatment, you will experience swelling, pain, and discomfort in the area that has been injected with CGFs. Fortunately, the side effects we suffer from this treatment are controllable and temporary. Minimize the appearance of these negative effects with pain relievers and aftercare tips. For more details on Aftercare instructions, make a call to us.

Cost of CGFs therapy:

The cost of concentrated growth factors in Dubai is highly variable. It fluctuates depending on the type and severity of the condition which you want to treat, the required number of sessions, the doctor, and the city where you live.

But, typically, the cost of Concentrated Growth factors in Dubai starts from AED 500 AED to 2000 AED. To know the exact cost of CFGs, you should contact us.


Wouldn’t that be adorable to have extremely painful dental surgeries without pain? Concentrated Growth factors therapy in Dubai has made it possible. By undergoing this therapy, make your recovery after any surgery painless, and fastest.

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