things to know about P-Shot in Dubai

Men’s sexual life is greatly reliant upon penis health. Its dysfunction matters affect self-esteem and cause emotional stress among partners. Generally, loss of sensation, bending, and vanished sexual intercourse are the major concerns. But it’s not something you have to live with. Getting an appropriate treatment at right time would be much helpful. Here we’re going to let you know about it.

P-shot Treatment in Dubai is the perfect solution for erectile dysfunction and increased sexual drive. Not only this but also increases the penis size. Furthermore, it might be suitable for even those who’re dealing with penis bending. In short, we can consider this to be the cure of all penis deformities. Besides, the best thing about this treatment is that it’s completely natural. Without experiencing any surgical blade, it would give you better erections with a boosted sexual drive.

If you’re thinking to get P-shot, I’m sure you might be wondering what exactly a is P-Shot. How it would benefit me? What complications can be faced along? This blog would provide the answer to all of your queries. As we’ve covered all the important Things to know about P-Shot treatment in Dubai. Please continue reading for exploring their details.

Natural Phenomena:

Expectedly, you probably familiar with the natural way of traditional PRP. Likewise, P-Shot is just the same but the difference is only in theory.

Basically, it involves the injection of rich platelet-plasma into the penis which activates the natural production of stem cells and speeds up the tissue repair. Of course, the delivered plasma will be truly yours. That’s why we assume this conduct as a completely natural strategy for improving sexual functions.

Short-Term Solution:

The entire procedure of P-Shot gets over quickly. Maximum 40-60 minutes would be enough. First of all, a small amount of blood is drawn from your arm, which is then passed through a centrifuge machine to separate plasma and platelets from it. After that, detached platelets are then injected back into the penis. And yet, that is enough. Fortunately, there is no pain in it due to the power of numbing cream. You can consider this short-term solution stress-free.

Highly Productive Working:

The intact idea attached to P-Shot works deeply for the damaged tissues to promote natural contractions. Certainly, when platelets hit the bloodstream directly, growth elements and proteins get activated which results in the formation of new blood vessels. Though, it leaves a great beneficial impact on overall penis erections.

Immense Benefits:

While covering Things to know about P-Shot treatment in Dubai, How can we miss its Benefits? Based on authentic reviews of our patients, we’ve shortened all of its important benefits you must know. Please check out.

  1. Boosted sexual stamina
  2. Healthier blood course and enhanced sensitivity
  3. Increased penis length & width
  4. Penile unbending
  5. No more penile pains

No Downtime:

Primarily, there is no downtime after P-shot. You can continue your daily activities straight away after it but for resuming sexual activity, wait at least for 4-5 hours.

Instant Results:

Results after P-Shot vary from patient to patient. For erectile dysfunction, instant results can be noticed. But in case you’re concerned about penis growth, you will have to show patience. Generally, within a few weeks, you will notice progress however full results might require up to three months.


P-Shot in Dubai therapy is comprised of your blood, so there will be fewer chances of complications. Maximally, you’ll have to deal with temporary swelling, bruising, or mild pain.

One Session isn’t Enough:

In case of long-term results perseverance or any sort of dissatisfaction, you will have to keep indulged with post sessions. Normally, 3-4 sessions in a year would be enough. For determining the exact number of sessions in your case, book an appointment with us.


In this blog post, I’ve tried to clear all the necessary Things to Know About P-Shot in Dubai. But still in case you’re having any sort of doubt or query regarding it, please feel free to contact us. Our experts are always there for listening to your concerns.