PhalloplastyTechniques And Outcomes In Dubai

Are you considering a treatment or have a loved one who is? This is a complete guide that will provide you with all the knowledge you require from the steps involved during the procedure to the innumerable benefits it provides, for your or your loved one’s gender-affirming journey. This surgery proves to be a life-changing experience bringing about significant improvements in the quality of life of transgender men. It is the perfect surgical option providing them comfort in their skin. Continue reading further to become more knowledgeable on Phalloplasty Techniques and Outcomes in Dubai as well as Penile Enlargement in Dubai. To be further guided, you can visit us today.

What is Phalloplasty?

Known as a life-changing surgery for transgender men, it is customized to create a penis and a scrotum. The goal is to achieve a physical appearance that will reflect a more masculine appearance by creating a penis that is functional and allows for urination while standing as well as a real-looking scrotum. It aims to achieve a masculine appearance for transgender men that will perfectly align with the sense of masculinity they possess. 

Phalloplasty Procedure:

It is an extensive surgery that takes place in a clinical setting in the presence of an experienced Surgeon. The following are the steps involved: 

  • The first step is a consultation with an expert. This step is crucial as it involves discussing what your goals are, what you expect the outcome to be, your medical history, and whether you are a suitable candidate. 
  • You may be recommended for hormone therapy as it will prepare your body along with improving your tissue health.
  • On the day of the surgery, you will be given general anesthesia to relieve you from any discomfort. 
  • The next step involves tissue harvesting from either the forearm or the upper thigh. 
  • The surgeon will craft the new penis by using the harvested tissue, a process known as microsurgery which will ensure a proper blood flow allowing for future sensation. 
  • Next, the urethra (the tube that carries urine) will be reconstructed. This will be done by using the harvested tissue or original genital tissue may be used. To manage urination during the recovery period, a catheter may be placed temporarily. 
  • The next step depends on what your goals are and involves sculpting the external genital area including the labia and clitoris.
  • Another surgery may be performed a few months later. This is done to create the head (glans) of the penis.
  • The scrotum is constructed using skin tissue from your inner thighs. 
  • The surgeon may perform additional refinement to the Penis.
  • To create a realistic appearance, testicular implants may be placed inside the scrotum. 
  • You will be required to stay at the hospital post-surgery for a few days.
  • You will be guided in cleaning the surgical areas as well as the process involved in dressing changes. 
  • The catheter will be removed after a couple of days. 
  • You will be provided with medication for pain management. 

What are the Aftercare Instructions?

Read the instructions given below as they are crucial in ensuring a smooth recovery. These are:

  • Avoid any strenuous activity for the first few weeks.
  • It is highly important to have your progress monitored therefore you are advised to attend all your follow-up appointments. 
  • Follow the instructions provided to you by the healthcare expert in taking care of the surgical area such as cleaning it and dressing changes.
  • Take all the medications prescribed to you for pain management. 
  • You are recommended to exercise to improve blood circulation and minimize swelling.

Benefits of Phalloplasty:

Following are some of the advantages offered by this surgery. It:

  • Helps create a physical body that reflects a masculine identity. 
  • Brings about improvement in sexual function and enhances intimacy.
  • Improves urinary function which allows for urination while standing.  
  • Provides psychological benefits such as reducing gender dysphoria. 
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem, improving the overall well-being of the person.
  • Improves body image creating a strong sense of identity. 
  • Improves the quality of life of transgender men as well as their emotional and mental well-being.

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