Thermiva Procedure in dubai

Women go through many body changes during their lives, some of which affect their most private areas. Vaginal health can be affected by childbirth, menopause, and natural aging. When caring for the skin on her face, hair, nails, and figure, a lady should not forget to take care of her genitals as well. Because they are not visible, this part of the body is frequently overlooked. Time, childbirth, and other surgical operations impact a woman’s personal health severely. If you’ve been experiencing vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, or other problems, it’s critical to know that you have options. This causes a slew of issues, including a loss of sexual pleasure, the development of self-doubt, and psychological distress. Plastic gynecology has improved significantly in recent decades, and all such issues are now resolved. TheThermiva procedure in Dubai has proven to be an effective alternative for women seeking vaginal repair. You’re missing out if you’ve never heard of this treatment. Let’s proceed through some of Thermiva’s features and why women adore it!

The Aims of the Thermiva Procedure:

A Vaginal Revitalization Therapy in Dubai aids in the restoration and renewal of the vagina. There are numerous explanations women select this restorative choice. The intimate area is delicate and sensitive, and it, like the rest of the body, ages, and changes. Even at an early age, many girls feel disappointed with their impression and physical condition. For many years, nothing could be done to address the area’s aging or aesthetic flaws. Even when cosmetic procedure on the vulva and vagina becomes possible, most women are scared of invasive processes. But don’t worry, it is an entirely non-invasive technique to make your life satisfying and happy.

Suitable Applicants:

Someone with the following conditions is the appropriate applicant for the therapy:

  • If the candidate’s sex drive has been reduced.
  • Vasovagal elasticity loss and sagging tissues.
  • Relaxed vaginal syndrome.
  • During sexual activity, you may experience vaginal dryness, discomfort, and pain.
  • Intercourse with reduced sensitivity and dissatisfaction.
  • Menopausal, age-related, or hormonal alterations, dystrophic vaginal processes.
  • The intimate area’s unattractive impression.
  • Laser rejuvenation in Dubai is not only on the vaginal walls but also on the vulva.
  • If you want to decrease the labia minora, give them a more delicate outline and remove pigmentation.

Pre-Procedure Care:

There is no need for a huge number of practice tasks. Because it is a non-invasive treatment, no general anesthetic is required. You need to follow the given information for successive outcomes:

  • A gynecologist will evaluate you before having vulvovaginal rejuvenation.
  • The expert will advise you to collect some necessary tests. HIV, syphilis, and viral hepatitis B and C.
  • An ultrasound of the pelvic organs will be conducted.
  • Before going for treatment, hair in the intimate area must be removed.
  • Avoid sexual activity before the procedure.
  • Stop using any medication or drugs.


The Thermiva Procedure in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is based on the functioning of a CO2 laser. Which eliminates the dead skin and boosts collagen formation, Its beams go deep into tissues in a short amount of time. The procedure functions in the following steps:

 Firstly, the expert deeply cleans the targeted area.

  • Then the patient lies down on a gynecological chair for the operation, and the doctor opens the vagina with a special instrument before inserting a laser nozzle into it.
  • The probe penetrates around the targeted site and provides a constant effect on the whole vaginal wall.
  • It is a very convenient non-invasive method. 
  • No anesthetic products will be utilized.
  • The applicants will feel no pain while the laser is operating.
  • The time of therapy relies on the condition of the targeted site.
  • After that, you can resume your activities.
  • No unpleasant symptoms have been reported yet.

Because the point radiation is generated in a vertical plane, the method allows for significant time savings and improved efficiency. The laser beam penetrates deep into the skin layers. At the same time,

Post-Procedure Care:

Intimate Rejuvenation in Dubai has grown in popularity not only because of the immediate result and lack of pain, but also because there is no restoration time The mucous membranes recover completely in around five days, but you have to follow the below-mentioned instructions to achieve the desired goal:

  • You should avoid sexual activity until complete recovery.
  • Avoid using tampons, vaginal gels, creams, or any other cosmetic products without a prescription.
  • Do not touch or scratch the targeted area.
  • In the case of itching and inflammation, only apply ice packers.
  • Keep the area dry and clean.
  • Stop your workout activities.


Thermiva Procedure Costs in Dubai start at AED 6999 and AED 9800 on average. The expense dissimilarity is connected to the pricing approaches of different clinics, the degree of service, the quality of the equipment, and the model of the device used. Of course, the more advanced the laser device that is used, the higher the expense. There are more external factors that can influence the prices, which are given below:

  • If the clinic is located in a posh area, then the cost will be high.
  • If the expert is highly qualified, then the charges will be higher.
  • If the targeted site is in a severe condition, then the cost will be proportionate.

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