Radiate Confidence With Thermiva What to Expect

Do you know what it takes to keep a healthy relationship stronger and long-lasting? It is your intimate moments and times that keep your partner retained with you. Believe it or not, a good sexual life has a deep connection with your heart and also with your mental state. A lot of the factors such as aging, childbirth, etc contribute to the loosening of the vaginal walls and eventually compromising on the elasticity of the vaginal walls. 

To improve and regain the texture back to its normal state a new and innovative treatment known as Thermiva procedure in Dubai is a successful gem now launched in our clinic as well. This guide will highlight how ThermiVa works and the benefits it can bring In your life. 

What is Thermiva? 

A ThermiVa procedure is not as haunting as it sounds! It is rather a treatment that utilizes the radio frequency technology emitted by a device which is intended to improve the elasticity and laxity of the vagina especially the walls supporting it. 

Who Can Benefit from Thermiva? 

You can opt for a Therma procedure if you fall under the category below:

  •  Women that have lost a significant amount of elasticity in their vaginal walls after traumatic childbirth.
  •  Females who naturally have a very loosened vagina since birth.
  •  Women who have attained aging.
  •  Post menopausal women.
  •  Women who were victimized by harassment end up with massive trauma to the vagina.

Merits of getting Thermiva treatment

A therma procedure has multiple advantages if taken on time and the sessions are regularly taken as per the advice of the specialist. Here’s a closer look at some of the prime merits of getting a therma treatment: 

  •  A feeling of enhanced self-confidence.
  •  better approach towards sex life.
  •  Women experience a sense of youthfulness.
  •  but some women also experience fewer complaints of urinary incontinence.
  • Women often regain their self-esteem after a thermal procedure.
  • Better lubrication upon arousal and intense pleasure during intimate moments.

How is the Thermiva procedure in Dubai done? 

Let us now discover how our team of specialists carry out a Thermiva procedure in Dubai.  Stay tuned because this might help you in understanding the procedure before booking an appointment:

  • At first, the specialist will analyze and physically examine the target area after recording and documenting your history and complaints.
  • You will then be scheduled for the actual treatment.
  • At the time of the procedure, the vagina will first be anesthetized using a mild agent. In some cases candidates often choose not to be desensitized because the radio frequency used is not very harmful nor is it painful. 
  • Next, the specialist then adjusts the radio frequency intended to brush over the vaginal walls. The target areas will be deeply focused.
  • The entire procedure takes 25 to 30 minutes and you will not feel any kind of pain after the procedure. 
  • A mild to moderate tingling sensation is observed but it will eventually evade off. 

How many sessions of Thermiva do I need?

It is pretty normal to be worried about the number of sessions because the success of your treatment depends upon how consistently you are availing the required sessions. 

Then the number of frequencies in the procedure depends upon certain candidates and only your specialist can tell you how many sessions are sufficient for you to attain a sustainable and significant result. 

According to doctors, mostly around two to three sessions would suffice. 

Is Thermiva safe? 

Yes!  ThermiVa is extremely safe because it does not require any intensive procedures such as surgical intervention. It is completely non-ablative and has no severe side effects reported as such. 

 Final Thought 

 If you are also craving for intense sexual pleasure and want to keep your intimate moments memorable then go for a Thermiva procedure in Dubai without giving it a second thought. Our specialists are here to cater to you with the best techniques and protocols.