The Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid A Guide By Dynamic Clinic

Have you ever heard about a skin pyramid?  Not really?

A skin pyramid is basically a chart showing steps that describes how one should take care of their skin. It consists of different levels demonstrating how and what kind of regimens you need to follow in order to keep your skin healthy and nourished. This guide will give you the exact and complete details about how a skin pyramid can help you get a perfect skin just by following the required steps.  The skin pyramid details mentioned down below are Composed by the best dermatologist in Dubai.

What is a skin pyramid?

A skin pyramid is basically a delta chart that has three different levels  from monthly being on the top weekly in the middle  and daily in the last. Each of the level has different regimens and practices to do for a healthier skin.

Here’s how the skin pyramid works:

Monthly Plan:

According to this scheme, one needs to follow:


Monthly facials or at least twice in a month can help you get rid of the dirt and grime on your face. The massage techniques that are involved in the facials help enhancing the blood circulation and improving the muscular tone of the facial muscles.

Chemical Skin Peels:

Chemical skin peels are one of the new and improved techniques that remove off the outer layer of the skin.   It is believed that the outermost layer of the skin is completely infused with dirt dust and bacteria.   Chemical skin peels in Dubai are mostly done by salicylic acid, glycolic acid, AHA. They are very effective and are completely safe to use over the skin, provided that you need to be get it done by a professional  skin expert.


A dermaplaning is also like a chemical peel however it is slightly less invasive as compared to chemical peels it removes fine lines and even the deep down embedded acne.


A microdermabrasion is a new and unique technique.  It has been done over the recent years and has shown remarkable progress in revealing a glowing and smooth skin.  It gets you kind of skin you always wanted. It is done by a specialized equipment and is brushed all over the facial surface to remove the topmost layer.

Weekly Exfoliation:

You need to schedule a day every week,  in which you exfoliate your face. Exfoliation is very necessary for healthy skin because it removes the debris that gets collected on your skin.   The substances and chemicals present within the makeup also has a harmful effect on the skin if left unwashed. Therefore, exfoliating your skin using a mild scrub is the key to get rid of the collected  dirty mass on your face.

Face Masks:

Face masks often have soothing agents that calm down and cool your skin. Using face masks that have mint and aloe Vera in them are highly beneficial for the skin. People who have extended periods of stay in the sun should regularly apply face masks Once a day on weekly basis.

Micro currents:

Micro current are minor electric waves that are generated and applied over the face for a clearer skin. They are also useful in the keloid scar treatment in Dubai.   They are mostly used to lift up the eyebrows and contour the cheekbones system they also stimulate collagen growth which is one of the major factor in preventing the formation of wrinkles. Our clinic has a team of best dermatologist in Dubai who are expert in micro currents treatment.

Daily Cleansers:

Use of mild cleansers is the essential and most important tip while following a skin regimen. Remember always to use chemical free  cleansers that are suitable for sensitive skin.  For oily skin people gel -based cleansers are beneficial however for those who have dry skin should go for foamic cleansers.

Eye Creams:

We normally don’t pay attention to the areas around the eyes but little do we know that the eyes also need the same attention like how are face demands. Using Eye creams  regularly before going to bed can prevent puffy eyes the next morning and can keep dark circles and panda eyes at bay.


Serums that have Hyaluronic acid in them are very beneficial for the face. Hyaluronic acid is the holy grail for rehydrating the skin and making it supple and soft as a consequence it can prevent fine lines and wrinkles.


People who are looking for Actinic Keratosis treatment in Dubai should know that using the moisturizers can prevent it to a very considerable level.  Actinic Keratosis is a disease of dry skin. The scales and patches appear can be smoothened by using moisturizers on daily basis.

What Are The Benefits Of Following Skin Pyramid?

  • A complete skin care regimen.
  • Radiant and glowing skin.
  • Prevention from infections.
  • Improved facial muscles tone and elasticity.
  • Well maintained hydration and water balance of the skin.
  • Soft and supple skin.

The Bottom Line 

There are many skin diseases that are very hard to manage. At times a minor negligence often ends up in a massive destruction. Therefore, it is better to follow a complete and proper skin regimen. We have a team of best dermatologist in Dubai that are experts in dealing with skin related problems. Book your appointments now and seek assistance from the renowned dermatologists.