The Most Effective Dermal Filler Injection Technique

Understand the Depth of Filler Injections in the Face:

Facial fillers are currently one of the most common in-office cosmetic treatments. While “filler” is commonly used as a catch-all term for injectable medicines, various filler types and brands are meant to treat specific locations. These fillers are chosen and injected using different injection procedures for optimal outcomes according to the plastic surgeons and the person’s goals.

Depth of Filler Injections around the Face: 

Injections of upper and lower lip fillers will be fewer than 3 mm deep and inside the vermillion-cutaneous boundary or the dry vermillion. Commissure injections are performed in the superficial dermis plane, within a thumb breadth of the jaw angle.

How much is a unit of dermal filler? 

You should expect to pay AED 500 to AED 600 or more for each syringe. Depending on your objectives, you may require numerous injections in a single session. Some physicians recommend using two needles in one therapy. The price of Juvéderm varies greatly.

The Fundamentals of Facial Fillers:

A competent medical specialist must administer filler injections. Unfortunately, some people may buy face filler online to inject it themselves. This is a hazardous technique since there is a risk of both cosmetic and health consequences. Facial Fillers in Dubai must only be injected by a licensed medical practitioner with filler injection experience and knowledge.

Common Facial Filler Injection Techniques:

Specific facial locations and treatment instances might necessitate unique procedures. In contrast, most facial fillers are delivered using a “traditional” mix of tunneling, point, extending, or dual plane approaches utilized in tandem to treat a single place.

Tunneling: With cosmetic experts and plastic surgeons, the tunneling or threading procedure is the favored injection technique. This technique is a safe, adaptable, accurate, and natural solution to treat superficial skin wrinkles, deeper creases, and volume loss regions. Along the direction of the ruffle, the needle or microcannula is introduced into the skin. The filler substance is progressively injected into the area when the hand is removed from the tissue.

The point approach, also known as the droplet, serial, or multi-puncture technique, entails injecting numerous tiny filler droplets into a thicker layer of the outer skin or directly beneath the skin. Rather than injecting the filler all at once, microinjection droplets next to each other combine to lift wrinkles. Typically, this method is combined with a silicone injection to improve skin quality or cover a vast, empty region in a deep spot. The droplet method is only employed in exceptional circumstances since it is prone to difficulties and can appear unnatural.

Stretching: The straining injection method allows the injector to accurately position and angle the syringe into the target region of the skin. To isolate the targeted wrinkle, the skin is stretched and tensed. This method is typically used to treat areas of skin laxity, such as wrinkles surrounding the mouth.

Dual plane: The filler is injected in two distinct layers of the skin in one treatment region using the dual plane approach. A little filler is inserted into the dermis (the leading layer of the skin), which is subsequently enhanced by injections of a larger filler in the subdermal plane. The dual-plane approach treats patients with surface wrinkling but significant volume loss, particularly in a target location that moves regularly.

Where Can I Get A Facial Filler Injection? 

Before going into the numerous injection procedures used for cosmetic filler therapy, evaluate which can address face areas and problems with facial rejuvenation. Every area of face anatomy has its own set of issues, precautions, and obstacles, hence why dermal filler injections must only be done by a highly qualified professional. The upper face, midface, and lower face are the three primary facial areas.

The Upper Face:

The upper face is made up of the region surrounding the brow and the eyes. Whereas many clients are worried about forehead wrinkles, this area carries a significant amount of risk. The blood vessels on the forehead are numerous. If the filler is unintentionally injected into the face artery, it might create vascular blockage and blood flow problems. Because the taut skin of the forehead is vulnerable to considerable movement, dermal fillers injections in Dubai may yield unnatural-looking outcomes in this location.

Filler therapy, like the forehead, is not indicated for usage in the preauricular area surrounding the eyes. Botox is a better option for these two areas and the Best Botox doctor in Dubai can better help you in this. Cosmetic fillers could be utilized to address a devolved brow or hollow tear troughs behind the eyes on the upper face, as long as the suitable filler is applied. Using a cannula to perform a tunnel approach also provides safe renewal.


The midface region includes the cheeks and the area around the eyes. The nose and cheekbones are two central complex regions since each patient has different desires and beauty goals that they want to attain with cosmetic injections. Patients should have a thorough consultation with their clinicians before starting with face contouring, reshaping, or filling in. A cheek filler is excellent for elevating the drooping nasolabial wrinkles on each side of the face and replacing lost collagen and fat.

Lower face: 

The lower part of the face comprises the mouth, lips, jawline, and chin, and fillers could be utilized widely in this region. Thick, patterned filler must be injected into deeper layers of the skin, beyond the superficial dermis, to maintain the jawline and chin proportional to the rest of the face. On the other side, thin fillers can be utilized to repair wrinkles and bowlines around the lips.

While lip augmentation is regarded as an off-label usage for medicines like Restylane, many practitioners inject lip filler into both the upper and lower lips to volumeize thin lips or change the curve of the lips. On the other hand, Lip injections necessitate skill, as a strong hand in injecting might result in a duckbill look.

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Facial fillers are an effective treatment for creases, fine lines, and volume loss. While many fillers and injection procedures exist, the objective of all facial rejuvenation is to leave patients appearing and feeling more young and revitalized, with an outward appearance that reflects how they feel inwardly.

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