The Different Types of Moles and Their Removal Options

Glassy and flawless skin is the dream of all individuals. But it lowers self-esteem when people face any outgrowth. Moles are small growths on the skin that appear as small black or dark brown spots. The growths are caused by an overabundance of pigmented cells in the skin. While some moles fade with age. But others remain on the skin. They can appear on any visible part of the body. This condition is harmless, but it can cause a loss of confidence. Another unfortunate fact about moles is that even makeup cannot conceal them. If you are also suffering from this problem. And looking for The Different Types of Moles and Their Removal Options in Dubai.

What are Moles?

It is a type of skin growth that varies in size, shape, and color. They can be present at birth (congenital moles) or appear later in life. (acquired moles). Some moles may also exhibit unusual characteristics. Many factors cause moles. It includes genetics, sun exposure, and hormonal fluctuations.

What are the Kinds of Moles?

Moles can appear alone or in groups on any part of the body. But most moles appear by the age of 25. And it is normal to have up to 40 moles in the body. There are many types of moles, but the following are the most common:

  • Congenital Moles:

These moles appear during a baby’s first two years of life. These moles have oval or round color patches. That varies in size, color, and shape. Although a congenital nevus is harmless. But it can cause complications if it is not treated. It is larger than 8mm in diameter or longer than 2–3 inches. These can be removed through excisions.

  • Dysplastic Moles:

Dysplastic nevi are irregular moles with uneven colors. That is no bigger than a pencil. They have a darker center. And also a lighter edge. These moles have uneven and asymmetrical edges and surfaces.

  • Acquired Moles:

These nevi are melanocyte clumps that form after birth. These appear during childhood. But they peak between the ages of 30 and 40. But people with 50 such nevi are at risk of developing melanoma.

Preparing for Treatment:

It is critical to discuss treatment goals. And also consult with the doctor during the initial consultation. The following are the preparation instructions:

  • You should stop taking any medications, herbs, or vitamins before the procedure.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking because they interfere with treatment outcomes.
  • Make sure you are in good health when you receive the treatment.
  • Before the treatment, the applicant must not take any therapy.

Treatment Options:

There are many treatments for different moles. But the expert will suggest the Best Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai. So the following is the most effective:


In this procedure, the expert will burn the target area. Because the procedure involves heat. The treatment is a painless technique. To remove the pain, the expert will use a numbing cream before the treatment.

Laser Treatment:

This is an excellent option for people who have flat, dark-colored moles. The doctor uses the most recent hand-held laser devices. It will help target the moles during the procedure. The laser also reduces the number of pigmented cells. And also stops the production of new ones.

Hyfrecator Treatment:

This mole removal is a painless and safe, FDA-approved aesthetic treatment. Electrical pulses are delivered into the area during the procedure. It helps to heat the problematic tissues. This may not be appropriate for a mole in a sensitive area of the body.


This procedure involves freezing a mole with liquid nitrogen. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes. But this is not a good option for moles with deep roots. You should consider surgical options for such moles.


This treatment begins with the administration of an anesthetic. The procedure involves using surgical scissors. And also a scalpel to remove a mole with a small surrounding area. Some moles have cells beneath the skin layers. They require a few stitches to close the skin after the treatment. This procedure leaves a small scar that fades with time.


The post-procedure instruction ensures a continuous recovery. The dermatologist can prescribe different lengths of aftercare. It depends on the treatment. But the doctor may instruct you to take the following steps:

  • Keep the treatment area dry and clean after the procedure.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • Apply sunscreen before leaving the house.
  • Applicants must avoid using cosmetics in the treatment area.
  • If you don’t attend all the scheduled sessions, you won’t get the best results.


The Cost of Mole Removal in Dubai is reasonable. It ranges from AED 700 to AED 1,000. But these prices can vary because they depend on many factors. So the following are the main cost-altering factors:

  • The experience of the doctor.
  • The condition of the area.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • The selection of the procedure.

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