Facial Mole Removal Cost in Dubai

Say no to Facial Moles! 

Getting tired of constantly trying to cover those facial moles? Feeling envious of people with clear skin? Not to worry, there have been many developments made in the past couple of years to overcome such an issue

While many of the moles that appear on the skin can appear to be harmless, they can turn out to be irritating when a person tries to shave or attempts to put on clothes. Some of the most common ways adopted by people to remove facial moles include shave excursion and excision biopsy.

The timings related to the appearance of the mole are also crucial to note. If the mole is detected days after its birth, then that would mean that it has become quite stubborn and prominent, and would so the skin around it would have to be removed as well.

Get to know more about how facial moles are removed in Dubai and how much the treatments cost through this article.

What are the symptoms of a facial mole?

Generally, moles are known to be brown, but this does not necessarily always have to be the case. Moles can come in various shapes and sizes. They can, at times be round and oval while on other occasions, many people have also experienced moles that look like tiny strings of hair. Moreover, the color of moles can be different at times as well, they can be flesh-colored or even reddish. Lastly, the size of the moles can enormously vary. They can cover an entire arm or be the size of a tiny pinhead. Most of the time, they are less than 6 millimeters long.  

Is there an appropriate way to remove a mole?

Since a lot of moles that appear on your face are said to be harmless, there does exist a proper way to get them removed. This harmless mole is also known to be non-cancerous and therefore, it can be removed with ease, simply through a minor surgical procedure. Other simpler ways to tackle it, maybe burning it or even shaving it. However, the procedure does have a catch, which is that it may leave a mark behind. But fine suturing techniques can be utilized to ensure minimal scarring and make the healing process go faster. Hence, this can be the best way to remove moles from the face.

How do treatments in Dubai for Mole removal work?

Day by day, Dubai is coming up with advanced methods to solve our skin problems and so, the experts in the city have also come up with innovative ways to remove moles from the face. A prominent mole removal treatment in Dubai is laser treatment.

During the laser treatment, the laser beams are passed through the mole, ultimately leading to the elimination of the mole cells that the skin consists of. Approximately, it takes two to three sessions, to completely get rid of the mole. The treatment is guaranteed to work because, it is used to remove a mole from other delicate areas of the body, including the ears, eyes, and nose.

Note: it is important to consult a proper and experienced dermatologist so that they can recommend the right treatment for the removal of the facial mole. The dermatologist can also ensure whether the mole is dangerous or not.

The Recovery Process:

After the laser treatment has been done, the recovery process is quite simple. The patient is advised to clean and treat the area regularly so that the targeted areas can heal at a faster pace. Many skin specialists advise their patients to not apply pressure and stress on the area for the first few days, as people might do after feeling a sensation of itchiness and burning.

How much does the process cost?

Like any other cosmetic treatment, facial removal cost in Dubai varies, as it depends on the number and nature of moles that an individual has. The average mole removal treatment in Dubai is 249 AED. However, it also depends on the kind of treatment you choose and the nature of the mole, that is its size and shape. Only a dermatologist can tell the exact cost of the treatment after observing one’s condition.

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