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Beautiful, smooth, natural, & young skin! These are all the characteristics we wish to associate with our skin. Sadly, aging causes a loss of facial volume and suppleness. Fat loss, thinner face, smaller or bigger muscles, and bone mass loss contribute to unsightly, creased, loose, and saggy skin. The great news is that developments in non-surgical and minimally-invasive beauty procedures are now to assist you to keep your youthful looks for long without undergoing invasive procedures such as a facelift

Today’s solutions provide outstanding outcomes with minimum downtime. But how can you choose the best procedure? We’ve divided the most common non-invasive face tightening methods into good, excellent, and most effective options. Our Dubai Dermatologic Surgeons will be able to guide you on the best surgery or mix of operations for you to attain your intended result.

Dermal Fillers :

Sculptra and Radiesse, for example, are injected dermal fillers and biostimulatory fillers that successfully reduce age spots, tighten skin sagging, and give volume to the face. Professional board-certified dermatologist in Dubai injects dermal fillers, adding immediate volume to your look with long-term benefits.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers:

These smooth, gel-like implants include Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is naturally present in the body and serves to keep it firm and moisturized. Skin and tendons in the face diminish with age. It results in a drooping or sunken look, as well as creases, lines, creases, and big lips. HA fillers may be utilized to smooth and refill these creases, giving the cheeks and lips contour, shape, and fullness. Juvéderm, Restylane, and Belotero Balancing are instances of HA fillers.


Sculptra stimulates collagen production. This injection will offer you a more youthful glow by addressing deep wrinkles and creases and replenishing lost collagen without letting you appear like you’ve had some treatment done. Smile lines, glabellar folds, puppet lines, and cheek wrinkles are all efficiently treated with Sculptra.

Laser Treatments:

Our Laser Surgery contains over 50 lasers, lights, and equipment to treat a wide range of problems. Using their modern technologies, they can create personalized treatment strategies for each patient.

By addressing the surface layers of the skin that include fine lines, creases, and pigmentation, lasers and intense pulses of light offer safe, non-surgical treatments for enhancing the look of the face. Lasers and pulsed solid light encourage collagen formation, enabling old and broken skin to be restored with young skin. Lasers efficiently remove wrinkles, blemishes, and other skin imperfections, resulting in smoother, more luminous, and tighter-looking skin.

Silhouette Instalift:

Silhouette the Instalift is a non-surgical and non-invasive facelift. It repositions and physically lifts regions of the face by using dissolvable sutures with small cones under the skin. It just takes 45 minutes to complete and yields immediate, long-lasting effects that only increase with time.

ThermiTight :

ThermiTight is a non-invasive process that tightens any loose or drooping skin around the cheeks and torso while reducing wrinkles. It employs safe and efficient radiofrequency radiation via the Thermi device to heat tissue beneath the skin’s surface, causing contraction and straightening of loose skin and collagen development.


Ultherapy uses cutting-edge fractionated ultrasonic technology to infiltrate the face with heating softly. It tightens the deeper beneath tissues and provides a gentle uplifting and tightening impact. However, full findings might not appear right away. As collagen synthesis is restored, the effects are evident slowly over a few months. Your face will create a contoured look yet natural as your skin is progressively firm and tightens.


Thermage is a non-surgical therapy that employs a radiofrequency technique to heat the underlying areas of the skin. Moreover, it causes collagen to tighten and produce more collagen. This leads to a smoother texture after only one therapy, steadily growing results. Thermage can address issues such as: 

  • Sagging skin 
  • Turkey neck
  • Lack of shape in the jaw
  • Fine lines and creases around the lips, eyes, and brow

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According to the studies, sustaining a healthy body weight, living reasonably healthy, defending one’s skin from the sun, and needing only a tiny quantity of saggy skin can yield the best outcomes from the non-invasive skin tightening in Dubai.

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