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Everybody wants to retain the beautiful smile that is gained with braces. Braces align your teeth and give an overall symmetrical outlook. They are placed on the teeth for a certain time period and are supposed to be taken off afterwards. However, teeth have the potential to drift from the new position as you age. For this purpose, retainers are to be used constantly after the course of your braces has been completed. There are different types, so teeth retainers cost according to the retainers being used. However, a good smile won’t come cheaply. Sustenance of aligned teeth requires money. We will inform you about all types of retainers and the teeth retainer cost in Dubai.

What are Retainers?

Retainers are made of either plastic or metal and designed according to your teeth. This means that retainers are specially made for specific teeth Retainers are specifically tailored according to your teeth. This means that they will be designed differently for everyone. Teeth retainers are essential after your teeth have gone through something the process of alignment either surgically or non-surgically.

Why are Retainers Important?

As mentioned above, teeth have the tendency to return to their original position. This process is called relapse. Also, with the growth of the rest of your body, your teeth also grow and, thus, may change their shape or position. That is why teeth retainers are an important part of orthodontic treatment regarding alignment. They help your teeth and jaw at a new proper position, thereby making your treatment be useful to the full extent.

Types of Retainers:

Mainly, there are two types of retainers that are employed on the teeth: permanent and removable. There is a chance that you are given the similar retainers to upper and lower teeth. However, in some cases, the upper teeth might be given one type of retainer, while the other may be assigned a different one.

1.      Permanent Teeth Retainers:

The material from which teeth retainers are made is metal. A metal wire is employed in a permanent retainer and is put over the teeth through glue. These may be suggested by your dentist if you find it difficult to follow the instructions that are given for removable retainers. Fixed retainers are placed over the teeth through the way of the bite so as to minimize the possibility of your teeth repositioning. Permanent retainers are gaining popularity; however, it is for your dentist to decide what will suit your teeth well.

2.      Removable Teeth Retainers:

Removable teeth retainer, also called Exxis retainer, is usually made up of plastic. This retainer is easy to use because it can easily be taken off. This makes it easier for the patients to take care of hygiene. For instance, while brushing our teeth, you can easily take them off, since they are not glued to your jaw. Moreover, to have the removable retainer customized, it takes only a few minutes to take the impression of your teeth and produce the mold. Removable retainers last for years. This retainer may prove to be the best for your teeth. However, you need to follow the instructions that come with them to make them useful.

How Much Does Retainer for Teeth cost?

The cost of teeth retainers varies according to the clinic or orthodontist that you have chosen and the kind of retainer that you want to opt for. Teeth retainer price in Dubai is also dependent on these factors. However, at Dynamic Clinic, retainers, whether Fixed or Essix will cost you AED 1000. Likewise, if you are looking for dental braces in Dubai, we can certainly help you.

It is highly recommended that before opting for anything, you have to make sure that the person you have chosen to get treatment from is qualified enough. If there is any problem or flaw in the way of treatment, your treatment will not yield proper results. The chances of relapse also occur.

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