teeth grinding in dubai

Teeth grinding is a disturbing habit and has very harmful effects on the jaw. It is an involuntary action and requires immediate treatment before it’s too late. One can do nothing about this habit except using a dental appliance that can limit the habit.  It is the most reliable Teeth Grinding Treatment In Dubai. Have a look at all that you should know about teeth grinding.

 What causes teeth grinding ?

It is fairly impossible to say what actually contributes to teeth grinding however, certain things do have concluded about its incidence like:

  •          Stress.
  •          Psychosocial issues.
  •          Habitual.
  •          Hereditary.

What are the side effects of teeth grinding?

You might take it easy but little do you know that teeth grinding has very ill effects. Like:

  •          Pain manifesting in the jaw early morning.
  •          Light constant headache.
  •          Eroded upper surfaces of the teeth.
  •          Decreased facial height due to shortening of the teeth by continuous grinding.
  •          Stiffness of the neck muscles.

What are the treatment modalities of teeth grinding?

The best one can do to treat teeth grinding is to stop the habit. However it is not very easy and you need some interventions. There are some teeth grinding treatment in Dubai that have helped to limit the number of cases of teeth grinding effectively. The treatment include:

  •          Mouth guards.
  •          Exercises.
  •          Regular counseling.

Out of all of the above the most highest success rate of teeth grinding treatment is mouth guard or a night guard.

What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard is a dental appliance that is worn by the wearer to prevent teeth grinding. It is either made of rubber or silicon. It is worn mostly during the night because it is the time when people are most likely to observe the habit of grinding teeth. The teeth grinding cost in Dubai is fairly equivalent in all the states.

The types of mouthguards used are:

  1.          Stock made mouth guard.
  2.          Boil and bite Mouth guard.
  3.          Custom made mouth guard.

The ideal and most frequently used as teeth grinding treatment in Dubai is the custom made mouth guard.

How to prevent teeth grinding habits?

Stop the teeth grinding habit! It is easier said than done. One cannot just abandon the habit overnight. It takes a very long time to give up on teeth grinding. Although using a mouth guard can aid in the prevention.

What are the aftercares of a mouth guard?

Dental appliances are very prone to bacteria and eventually infections become prevalent. On the the other hand there are certain more things you need to follow after receiving your Mouth guard:

  •          Keep in the antibacterial solution when not in use.
  •          Brush it alternatively.
  •          Keep it in storage box while carrying.
  •          Keep it safely and try not to misplace it.

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