The involuntary act of clenching one’s teeth during sleep is known as Teeth Grinding. Individuals of any age can be affected by it. If Teeth Grinding is not severe. It doesn’t require any treatment as most kids outgrow this habit with time but prolonged teeth grinding can give rise to other dental issues and cause frequent headaches so those cases require treatment. In this article, we will explore different causes and signs of Teeth Grinding while also discovering some Teeth Grinding Treatments in Dubai. Teeth Grinding can also trouble you while sleeping so make sure to get treated at the right time and improve the quality of your sleep.

What is Teeth Grinding: A Comprehensive Guide:

Teeth Grinding can be defined as an unnoticeable movement of your jaw that includes clenching and gritting of teeth. The medical term used for Teeth Grinding is, “Bruxism”. It usually happens when a person is asleep but in some cases, people also grind their teeth when they are wide awake. It can happen to individuals of all ages. Usually, the people who have bruxism don’t really realize it. It’s the people around them or their family members who notice it first. Though it doesn’t seem like a big problem, Teeth Grinding can lead to a variety of dental problems like jaw disorders, damage to the surface of teeth, etc.

What are the Causes of Teeth Grinding?

Teeth Grinding or Bruxism can be caused by multiple factors that are listed below,

Unintentional Grinding: Most people clench or grind their teeth without knowing, which often becomes a habit and causes other dental problems.

Nervousness: Extreme nervousness and anxious feelings can also cause Teeth Grinding. When an individual experiences worry they often start gritting their teeth.

Stress: Just like nervousness, stress often leads to Teeth Grinding as well. Muscle tension in the jaw due to stress will eventually lead a person to clench teeth.

Effects of Certain Medications: Some medications cause Teeth Grinding as an adverse effect. Not all medications have this side effect, but some might, including the ones that affect your central nervous system.

Identifying these causes is always important in efficiently managing teeth grinding so make sure you consult a healthcare professional at our clinic, who can help you determine the underlying elements of your habit of Teeth Grinding.

What are the Consequences of Teeth-Grinding?

There are various consequences of Teeth Grinding, some of them are:

Decrease in Lower Facial Height: If you left your Teeth Grinding untreated, then over time the distance between the upper and lower jaw in your mouth might start shortening which will possibly change your facial appearance.

Pain in the Jaw: The joint that attaches the jaw bone and the skull together is called the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). Teeth Grinding puts constant pressure on TMJ, due to which you can feel pain in your jaw and have difficulty moving it.

Headache: Chronic headaches are a frequent consequence of Teeth Grinding as strong pressure throughout the grinding motion can make your neck and head muscles tense.

Inability to Chew Things Easily: Prolong Teeth Grinding can wear out your teeth surface. Which makes it difficult for you to properly chew your food.

What are the Teeth-Grinding Treatments in Dubai We Offer?

Teeth Grinding treatments in Dubai offer you multiple treatment options to manage this problem. The main purpose of Teeth-Grinding treatments is to relieve pain and discomfort while enhancing your oral health and overall well-being. The treatment options in Dubai are,

Night Mouth-Guards: Night-MouthGuards are dental appliances, used to stop the motion of Teeth Grinding. They are placed in the mouth and shield teeth from more harm. These mouthguards reduce jaw pain, protect teeth surface, and improve sleep quality as well.

Psychotherapy: As mentioned before, Teeth Grinding is also caused by certain psychological factors like nervousness, frustration, etc. Through psychotherapy, patients get to know different strategies to deal with stress, coping mechanisms, and relaxing exercises.

Counseling: Our professional counselors in Dubai offer guidance to patients in exploring the emotional triggers that often contribute to their bruxism and help them implement positive changes in their everyday lives.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Our full mouth rehabilitation approach is a specified treatment combining multiple dental procedures like crowns, bridges, and orthodontic adjustments in order to repair the integrity of patients’ teeth and jaw while adjusting some misalignments and putting a stop to any more harm.

Always consult your primary care provider to pick out the most suitable course of action for you.


Teeth grinding might seem like a minor inconvenience. But if it goes on for a longer period of time, it can get troublesome and lead to more serious dental issues. If you find yourself experiencing the signs of teeth grinding, make sure to consult a dental professional. Take the necessary measures. Book your appointment for Teeth Grinding Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Say goodbye to your restless sleep.