Under Eye Fillers in Dubai

With the advancement of aging comes multiple facial problems especially fine lines, wrinkles and sunken eye appearance and troughs.  Tear Trough Fillers in Dubai are the best warrior against such problems that can come up on your face. They work marvelously especially in treating the under eye bags and dark circles. Ever since they have evolved the use of under eye creams have completely become obsolete because their results are quite rapid and long-lasting.

What Are Tear Troughs? 

A tear trough is basically a depressed area that lies between the lower eyelid of your eye and the cheek. The reason why tear troughs occur is because of the loss of volume overtime and can also occur in candidates who have been inflicted with any emotional drama that has led them to cry excessively.

With the passage of time this groove becomes more and more prominent as a result giving a nave, old and unappealing look to the eyes. 

 Previously the use of under eye creams for tear troughs was considered as very successful. However the results were not permanent enough and candidates who used under eye creams often reported allergies around the skin.

 Tear Trough Fillers:

Thanks to Tear Trough Fillers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that have been shown a very remarkable progress in clearing out the groove, filling it up and adding extra volume around the eyes.  The mechanism of action of teardrop is bold because of the presence of hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid present in tear trough fillers instantly fills up the groove and adds a subsequent amount of volume that had been lost. 

Why Should I Choose Tear Trough Filler Injection Over Under Eye Creams? 

The major reason why under eye creams are not much recommended is because of the rashes and allergic responses they encounter. However tear trough fillers in Dubai art genuinely safer and can meet the realistic expectations of the candidate. 

What Are The Causes Of Under Eye Bags? 

  • Is aging
  •  loss of volume around the eyes
  •  abrupt  or sudden weight loss
  • hereditary 

What Are The Treatment Options For Under Eye Bags And Circles?

Under Eye Creams And Serums:

 A lot of the products sold over the counter have hyaluronic acid infused in them but the amount which is present is not fair enough to reverse the presence of tear troughs. 

Under Eye Jade Rollers: 

Under eye jade rollers are a new device that when used regularly in the correct motion can help in getting rid of the tear troughs. Nonetheless, the fact still remains the same that it is not very effective and does not work in the long run. Moreover it also needs to be done consistently and leaving it can cause the tear troughs to appear again.

Under Eye Tear Trough Fillers:

Under eye tear trough fillers are the most improved technique that can instantly add volume and minimize the swollen appearance of the eyes. They not just work on the groove but also help fade the wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging that appear around the eye.  The presence of Hyaluronic acid and this injection is relatively significant for improving the collagen production which is responsible for the maintenance of elasticity around the muscles of the eyes. 

How Is The Procedure For Under Eye Fillers Performed? 

  • At first the surgeon will administer local anesthesia after when he has made the markings on the tear troughs
  • When the local anesthesia is effective the surgeon will then insert the hyaluronic acid based tear through filler injection. 
  • The surgeon will then dab a cotton around the eyes so that the agents present in the injection can merge evenly around the muscles of the eyes. 

What Are The Sole Benefits Of under Eye Fillers? 

  • Improves the fine lines and wrinkles
  •  Add a refreshed look to the eyes
  •  It helps in getting rid of the tear troughs is one of the prime benefits of tear trough fillers in Dubai
  •  Helps reduce the puffiness off the ice
  •  Also works on the dark circles  that gives the panda eyes appearance

What Is The Cost Of Under Eye Fillers? 

You are always welcome in our clinic to know anything related to the price and cost concerns. The Cost Of Under Eye Fillers in Dubai will be best described by the esthetician you choose. 

The Final Verdict: 

 Hurry up and book your appointment for a tear trough fillers in Dubai right now before it’s too late. Call on our toll free number or visit the clinic to avail the free consultation.