Tan Removal Treatment Options in Dubai

Having tanned skin is not a big problem in most western countries. Moet women even prefer staying at the beach to get the perfect golden tan. Unfortunately, getting a tan can also cause some serious pigmentation on the skin. Another issue is that a tan does not suit everyone. Skin Tan Removal In Dubai can easily be availed at Dynamic Clinic. Our highly skilled technicians and doctors will ensure to provide you with the treatment that best suits you.

Why Does the Skin Turn Tan?

Excessive exposure to the sun can cause the skin to turn dark. This darkened skin is usually a result of the body’s natural defense system. This means that when the skin is exposed to harmful sun rays, it forms a protective layer to protect the skin from further damage.

However, tanning can also lead to pigmentation and marks on the skin. Often times it damages the skin so badly that it starts to peel away. Darkening of already-existing pigment in the skin and a modest increase in pigment production result in a deeper tan tone. Melanocytes are the cells that create this pigment on the skin.

Tan Removal Treatment Options:

Sun Tan Removal can be easily treated at our clinic with the help of several treatment options. You can avail non-invasive and topical options to get rid of your skin’s tan complexion. Following are some of the tan removal methods available at our clinic!

Laser Therapies:

Laser treatment is very common when it comes to dealing with tanned skin. This option is usually reserved for dark pigment marks in larger areas like blemishes and patches. But you can still get a laser to treat tanned skin all over your arms legs and even your entire body.

Laser Therapies usually show visible results within a week and only require a few sessions to get your skin tone back to normal. This is one of the fastest methods to get rid of your darkened skin.

Acid Peels:

Getting an acid peel is only effective if you want to get Facial Tan Removal In Dubai. Since this is a facial treatment, it’s not really possible to treat any other part of the body with this option. An acid peel will gently burn away your dead, darkened skin and will reveal glowy radiant skin.

The technician will apply the mild acid formula to your face and within a week your dead skin falls off. Acid peels are only effective on the face and result only last 8 days


Lastly, getting glutathione injections might be your most effective treatment option. Although the treatment is not quick and results can appear after a month. Despite the long result time, this option is your safest and most effective. The results last around a year and maintenance shots are needed every 8 months.

Glutathione injections are injected directly into the body and the antioxidant will slowly break down the melanin in the body and remove it via urine or sweat.

What is the Best Skin Tan Removal in Dubai?

Although all three options are the best, it all boils down to your preferences. Laser and injection therapy is the most effective treatment options compared to acid peels. Both of these options end in results that are effective with the only difference being the time. So if you want to know which treatment option is best for you, we suggest coming down to our clinic and visiting our consultants

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Skin Tanning in Dubai?

Tan Removal Cost In Dubai is pretty cheap and is easily around 500 AED. Getting rid of your tan in the Gulf region is very affordable as compared to western countries. This cost will cover all the requires medical items and equipment. The medical items needed for each session might include injections, serum vials, face rollers, masks, latex gloves, anesthesia, eye protection goggles, etc.

All of these things will be required depending on the treatment option you pick. Chemical peels do not require that many things and are generally cheaper as compared to alternatives.

Will Insurance Cover My Tan Removal?

Unfortunately, tan removals are not part of medical emergencies and are not covered by insurance policies. Unless you get burned or get harmful pigment marks insurance will not pay for the treatment. It is best to consult your doctor and figure out your means of payment before getting an appointment.

Is Tan Removal Beneficial?

Having a tan can have a serious impact on your mental health and your body image. This usually happens when the patient gets a darker than they wanted or has unwanted tan lines. No matter what  the reasons, it is still beneficial to get your tan removed, and here’s why:

  • Untreated Tanned skin can cause diseases like skin cancer.
  • Sun damage can also cause your skin to age faster
  • Getting your tan removed can boost your immune system
  • Your overall confidence will also be boosted

How Can Sun Tanning Be Prevented?

The following are some precautions that one should take to prevent tanning:

  • Every three hours, reapply sunblock cream with an SPF of at least 30. At least 20 to 30 minutes before going outside, apply it.
  • Avoid going outside when the sun is most intense.
  • Put on clothing to prevent tanning of your skin.
  • When you are outside in the sun, use a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, scarves, etc.

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So what’s the holdup? Go tan-free this summer and live your life to the fullest!