sun tan removal dubai

General overview:

Sun exposure is the leading cause of pigmentation acne and dal patches on the face. Conventionally there were home remedies the only treatment for sun tan removal was home remedies whereas now there are many professional treatments available and offered by clinics that not only remove the sun time but also give the skin a healthy fresh and radiant look. Here is a take on the sun tan removal treatment offered in our clinic by some experts along with a skincare routine. 

Why is a Sun tanning so common in Dubai?

You know the fact that Dubai is a place of tourism, beauty and luxury. A lot of the people residing as well as the tourists get attracted by the beaches and the open air leisure activities that the cosmopolitan City offers. When people come across the humidity, excessive temperature and the wrath of the sun are the main factors that contribute to Sun tanning.

How to remove sun tan from face or the body? 

They say that the tan marks are like a memory that reminds of the time people spent on the vacation, but what if the tan marks are more rigid than the memories themselves? 

 You should then definitely try to get rid of it. 

Have a look over the methods for Skin tan removal in Dubai from the face and body:


The commercial advertisements and their strict advice on using sunscreen is no joke. 

It is very important to use a high SPF based sunscreen protection when you are going out especially when you know that your sun exposure is generally going to be longer. You should not be surprised to know that Sunscreen should also be used even when you are staying at home while being exposed to other heating activities like cooking etc.

Using a moisturizer:

Moisturizes that are water based mostly should be infused with hyaluronic acid. It is responsible for hydrating your skin and prevents the UV rays from damaging the skin.

Glutathione injections:

If you are continuously being exposed to the sun then a sun 10 removal in Dubai that is genuinely highly affected are gluta Thailand injections. The pigmentation caused by the wrath of the sun can easily be eliminated by the shorts of glutathione injection. The presence of amino acids prevent the formation of free radicals caused by the UV rays, they work like antioxidants and eliminate them giving the skin a glowing, whiter and bright complexion.

Chemical peels and facials:

Professional help is the best help. Our Continuously offers deals and packages skin care treatment like chemical peels and other facials that include the Hydra facial vampire facial carbon laser peel. They all collectively are very beneficial for the removal of sun tan from the face as well as the body.

Laser therapy:

People who are doing jobs that constantly keep them under the threat of Sun exposure are more valuable to pigmentation and excessive sun tan. According to Dermatologists the best tan removal in Dubai is laser therapy. It works by emitting light on the pigmented surface of the skin as well as the body depending on how large the lesion is.

What is the perfect skin care routine for sun tan removal? 

If you follow the below mentioned skin care routine day and night then it is very likely that you can maintain your skin and prevent it from sun tanning. 


Use a mild exfoliating agent that consists of scrubbing beads that are not harsh on your skin.


Once you exfoliate your face use a gentle cleanser. A foam based one is for dry skinned people and a gel based one is for candidates who have oily skin. It will remove all the dirt and grime from your face. It is better that you gently massage your skin also in circular directions to improve the blood flow.


As mentioned above, the use of moisturizer is more important than you know. Moisturizers that are fragrance free are more beneficial as compared to those that are scented. It will hydrate your skin and will restore the long lost water balance all day long.


A toner should be applied evenly all over the face to shrink the pores and limit the rate at which they get clogged. According to the best dermatologist in Dubai it is stated that toning is the most essential part of a skin care routine.

The Final Verdict!

Following a skin care routine is a secondary method for sun tan removal. The primary goal is to get a professional treatment like the one mentioned above. If you want to know the tan removal cost in Dubai then you are welcomed in our clinic to book an appointment with the aestheticians.