Synthetic Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

Synthetic Hair Transplant – Biofibre Hair Implant – Artificial Transplant!

Three Names of One Transplant. Synthetic Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi aka artificial hair transplant- Perfectly suits those who are completely bald with no hair on even the donor area. Hair strands used in this transplantation process look like natural hair and are hardly detectable. In this blog, I enlightened the main aspects of this unique transplantation and procedure as well for some authentic understanding. Read on.


Any person who feels hopeless about getting a traditional Hair Transplant due to reasons like insufficient donor hair or health condition can now have this artificial transplant. Such folks are certainly found the best candidates for this transplantation. Not only this, if any person fears of long recovery period associated with real transplants can also consider this procedure after some necessary discussion with our experts.

As this procedure involves some risks, it’s important to assess the patient’s suitability first. Talk to our doctors directly. Let them know your needs, desires, and unique preferences for the most trusted and reliable guidance.

Synthetic Hair Transplant Procedure:

The procedure done for Biofibre hair transplant doesn’t much differ from real transplantation. The difference is only in hair strands. Here, artificial ones are used compared with real ones where natural ones are used.

However, a Synthetic Hair transplant in Dubai is conducted under local anesthesia with an implanter pen. Our surgeons carefully insert the artificial hair strands into the scalp to a depth of about 0.2 or 0.3 mm. Later this you are good to go anywhere. There is no need to wait for scalp hair to re-grow. Results would be as it is even after a couple of months but the healing process gradually improves with time.

Biofibre Implants Hair Follicles:

Meanwhile as stated earlier, synthetic hair transplant is another name for Biofibre transplant. So hair strands used in this transplantation are made of polyamide fibers. They are of different lengths, and colors, and are ideal substitutes for a person’s hair follicles.

Is Synthetic Hair Transplant Safe?

Generally, it is the safe, simple, and indeed ideal solution for male and female pattern baldness. The best thing about this implant is that you can easily resume social life without hiding yourself for months compared with a traditional hair transplant.


Although this transplant doesn’t leave any negative impact on your medical or aesthetic condition. But there is a major problem with this transplant that hasn’t been eliminated yet. And this is the infection. Artificial Hair Implants don’t typically suit well at all. Synthetic follicles aren’t recognized by scalp tissue which leads to gradual or even no scalp healing. There might be a consistent open entrance into the scalp that can let enter bacteria and further result in scalp inflammations.

 Synthetic Hair Transplant Cost:

 The cost of a Synthetic Hair transplant in Dubai lies between AED 4000 to AED 15000. Depending upon the length of treatment and expected hair follicles to be implanted cost might fluctuate. Speak directly to our surgeons for unique cost estimation in your case.

The Takeaway:

Synthetic hair transplant is a rare name. People typically recognize this transplant as artificial and Biofibre. Well, this is the good news for completely bald people. After passing the tolerance and candidacy tests one can easily have this procedure. Anyhow, here I stated almost every important aspect regarding Synthetic Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, still, if you would like to have more information on this hair implantation process, get in touch with our consultants now. Book an advance appointment through a consultation form or reach us through chat.