Stretch Mark Removal, Before and After

Say no to Stretch Marks!

Having to look at people who are confident and happy about flaunting their perfect and clear bodies can make you feel envious and demeaned at times. For many years, people who have had stretch marks on their bodies have used the old conventional ways such as creams and serums, to try to get rid of them. While some of those methods turned out to visibly reduce the appearance of the marks, they never provided a permanent solution. Thus, here stretch mark removal treatment such as laser therapy can come in handy

The reason why people experience stretch marks on their bodies is because of either weight gain, pregnancy, or puberty. When an abnormal amount of stretching or shrinking takes place on the skin that leads to long dark purple lines on the stomach, back, hips, or breasts. Hence, stretch mark removal in Dubai targets all these areas to make the skin look its normal self.

Stretch marks removal treatment in Dubai consists of many benefits. You can also find out stretch marks removal costs Dubai and how it works, through this article.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Since the old conventional ways have never worked effectively, technology had to take their place. Stretch mark removal treatment in Dubai makes use of high-quality, laser technology that emits pulses of fractional laser light, which assists in eradicating the stretch marks by increasing the production of collagen. Hence, helping the skin look clearer and smoother.

There are several upsides to this procedure. Some of the most important ones are that it is quick and easy, as it only takes approximately 20 minutes. Furthermore, it offers long-lasting as well as natural-looking results that can improve a person’s self-esteem. The treatment also does not have any downtime and does not cause any scarring on the body.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Before and After:


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Benefits of Laser Stretch Mark Removal:

Most of the time, people are more concerned with the result than they are with the process itself, but the scar removal Dubai ensures that they get both things. Some of the end benefits include:

  • Improves your self-esteem, by boosting your self-confidence
  • You become more satisfied and prouder about the way you physically look
  • Your skin starts to look smoother, beautiful and glows in a natural way
  • It does not cause any pain, so you do not have to worry about stitching, cuts, and bruises.

Causes of Stretch Marks:

As mentioned before, the main cause of stretch marks on the body can be the rapid increase or decrease in weight, but there can be other reasons as well. These reasons include, genetic predisposition, the amount of pressure on the skin as well as the level of cortisone in the blood. Here it is important to understand that cortisone is a hormone that is made of several adrenal glands and is known to weaken the elastic fibres. 


There are certain precautionary measures that the doctor or dermatologist recommends to their patients after the procedure has been completed. Some of the common instructions are.

  • Avoid applying makeup or any other kind of cosmetic product to the treated area
  • As there is a likely chance for itching to occur on the area that has been treated, doctors recommend not taking a shower for at least 24 hours after the completion of the procedure, as it may make the itching worse
  • The wounds may start to heal slowly if the patient drinks and smokes an excessive amount and so it is suggested by the doctor to avoid both things.
  • Having more than one cosmetical procedure done during or after the stretch mark removal treatment can lead to a slow healing and ineffective healing process, and so, the patient should wait for some time before getting another skin treatment.

The recovery period for the treatment is not that long, it takes 4 to 5 days. However, if any other kind of complication occurred during the process of the treatment, it may take up more time to recover.

How Much Does it Cost?

Stretch mark removal costs in Dubai can depend on different factors such as the number of stretch marks needed to be treated, the location of the clinic, the expertise of the doctor, and placement and severity of the stretch marks. However, compared to other cosmetic procedures, it is relatively cost-effective. One session of the treatment can cost an average of AED 699 to AED 800

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