stretch mark removal in dubai

Stretch marks are scars that emerge whenever your skin expands excessively fast, and they are most common during adolescence, childbirth, or dramatic weight swings. They can be found in both males and females. It’s also fine if you are searching for how to remove stretch effects when the skin loses its elasticity, thickens, and rips. Because cracks reveal vessels, new patches are purple-violet in color. They are stars appearing in your body. They are scars that form when your skin extends or shrinks rapidly. In some cases, they are colorful marks or stripes on your skin caused by gaining weight or development. They are basically wounds on the skin, but they do not indicate a health problem. Though they may never totally vanish, therapy can lessen the color and diminish the size of your marks. But now don’t worry, here are 5 treatments on how to get rid of stretch marks. They can help you make your appearance clear and smooth.

The Aims of the Treatment

There are multiple treatment options, but among all five are the most effective and commonly utilized methods that help to eliminate stretch marks At the top of the list is laser treatment. It provides a solution that permits the whole eradication of loose skin through the use of strong beams that do not generate any burning. All the treatment options will be selected by your doctor after analyzing the desirability of the targeted region. Based on whether the patches will be removed, an ablative or non-ablative laser can be employed. An ablative laser will go deeper into the skin and eliminate white loose skin, whilst a non-ablative laser will treat younger saggy skin.

Five treatments for stretch mark reduction

Stretch mark discarding in Dubai is performed by skilled specialists. Depending on your location, the operation, and the potential hazards, there is a more effective procedure that can be performed that is given below:

(1) Laser Therapy

Laser treatment for stretch removal in Dubai is a highly demanded technique. Direct light is inserted onto the skin. Depending on the type of laser utilized, therapy may have the potential to boost collagen synthesis and help stretch marks fade to fit in with the surrounding skin. It is also used to reduce the texture and redness of the skin caused by scars and rosacea. So it stands to reason that therapy could perhaps improve the appearance of stretch marks. It is a totally safe and convenient method. You will feel no discomfort.

(2) Mesotherapy

These procedures, whether non-injection or injection, as well as partial peels, may be beneficial for treating tiny, narrow loose skin. It is a transdermal infusion of medicinal mixtures that is used before or after exfoliating procedures to replenish the skin with vital nutrients and micronutrients. The pharmacological concoction components given are selected on an individual level. Cocktails may contain amino acid residues, collagen, enzymes derived from plants, group B and C vitamins, enzymes, and plant extracts.

(3) Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion in Dubai exfoliates the skin in ways that home treatments cannot. A specialist uses an abrasive material on your targeted site using a portable wand to gently brush away destroyed cells. This treatment may minimize the severity of the marks.

(4) Peeling Chemical

Chemical peels in Dubai are performed by using an acid to the surface of the skin, such as glucosides. Peels exfoliate the skin deeply and boost collagen development. This may help stretch marks appear smaller, and it extracts the dead tissues and boosts the muscles and cells to produce new tissues and formulate collagen synthesis, which is very nourishing for the skin.

(5) Radiofrequency therapy (RFT)

These therapies encourage collagen formation by sending ultrasonic energy into your skin. The end outcome could be tighter skin. It has now been integrated with microdermabrasion procedures to transmit vibrational frequencies even into the skin’s layers. The needle enters the skin and emits radio frequency into the channels, promoting deeper layers of collagen. Therapy may enhance the impression of stretch marks.


These treatments can benefit you in multiple ways, including:

  • The procedures are non-invasive.
  • A painless way of getting your skin smooth.
  • They are less expensive than surgical methods.
  • It demonstrates the most effective outcomes with no side effects.
  • Boots give your body a youthful appearance.


The 5 Treatments on How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks have now been cleared. At Dynamic Clinic, every process has a different cost, and prices for all patients are not the same because of the most essential elements playing a role in cost variation. The factors are given below:

  • selection of the process as each treatment option is utilized for different stretch mark removal methods.
  • The severity of the condition can change the cost.
  • The reputation of the clinic does matter in terms of the overall cost.
  • The expertise of the doctor is also dependent on the cost.

These are elements that can increase or decrease the overall cost, but it ranges from AED 499 to AED 2999.

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