Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplants The Easy Way

Hair problems are getting more common with each passing day. People are facing these problems due to insufficient intake of proteins and nutrients. Hair follicles are the cavities that surround the hair root and provide nutrition to it. When these follicles do not get enough proteins for their nourishment, the hair shaft weakens and starts to fall. Moreover, the use of several hair tools and chemical also makes the hair weaken and eventually starts to fall. Hair loss impacts the whole personality of the individual. It makes the person doubt their personality and decreases their self-confidence in social settings. And if not treated, can also lead to baldness. As a consequence, there is an innovation of several cosmetic treatments to treat hair loss. Out of which the most reliable procedure is Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant– The Easy Way to get rid of hair loss.

What is it?

Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant are the specialized and undifferentiated cells of the human body. They can divide into several types of cells that are of the same type. Simultaneously they can also divide into more stem cells. Therefore, these cells serve as the repair system of the body because they can repair damaged tissue. 

Stem cells FUE hair transplant is a hair restoration technique that produces benefits of both FUE and Fut hair transplant procedures. In this treatment, the doctor uses the stem cells of the individual to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. He extracts the stem cell from the donor area of the individual and then transplants them into the recipient area of the scalp where it enhances the growth of new hair follicles.


This procedure works to treat when other hair loss treatment goes wrong. It is the latest and safe technique in which the hair follicles are extracted manually through a piece of punching equipment. These hair follicles then implant into the bald region. This procedure is identical to FUE treatment but is a more effective and quick procedure. 

It is the fastest technique and is beneficial for those people who are suffering from the condition of alopecia. Every person irrespective of gender can opt for this treatment:

  • Before initiating the procedure, the doctor examines your past medical history and ensures your eligibility for the procedure
  • He then takes the measurement of the scalp and marks the hairline 
  • Shaves the donor area
  • Administer the local anesthesia to make the area numb so that the client does not feel pain or discomfort during the treatment
  • After numbing the area, the surgeon extracts the hair follicles carefully by using a specialized tool that is similar to the punch tool utilized in the FUE technique.
  • Processes the extracted grafts and transfers them to the laboratory for microscopic examination to get the follicles of the desired results.
  • After the extraction of grafts, the surgeon again administers the local anesthesia in the recipient area. It will make the harvesting process pain-free.
  • Makes small cuts in the recipient area
  • Inserts the prepared grafts into the incisions attentively.


Although this procedure is minimally invasive and produces quick and productive results. However, to maintain these results the doctor advises the patient to follow the aftercare measures. These measures are part of the treatment as they help to decrease the risks and complications after the treatment. In addition, it makes the results more coherent and durable:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure for seven days
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the scalp. Try to keep it dry
  • Prevent doing strenuous exercises that may lead to sweating. Sweating may give rise to infections
  • Do not wash your scalp for one to two days after the treatment
  • Refrain from touching your scalp causelessly
  • Follow a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle for the best outcomes
  • Go along with the doctor’s advice to ensure the successful results
  • Use all the prescribed medication regularly
  • Drink an adequate amount of water 


According to several kinds of research, this treatment is the best choice to treat hair loss. The results of this treatment are quite obvious and convincing, after getting the treatment, the patient can feel denser fuller growth in the recipient area after six to twelve months. However, it totally depends on the scalp condition of the individual and the amount of hair loss he faces: 

  • Minimally intrusive because it does not require large incisions and cuts
  • Natural-looking results because the hair follicles extracted from the patient’s stem cells
  • Unlike other traditional hair restoration techniques, it does not require a longer healing period 
  • Does not cause scarring
  • Less painful procedure
  • The stem cell FUE hair transplant can restore up to 80% of the hair volume in the transplanted area as compared to conventional hair transplant methods

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