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Pinkish naturally tinted and well toned lips are an immense part of beauty. It is to make a person feel attractive and socially acceptable. Your lips are the first and foremost things any person notices and having them well maintained is the bonus. A lot of the factors contribute to darkening and under pigmented color of the lips. The Lip Blushing Treatment in Dubai is one of the latest techniques that instantly adds natural color to the lips and gives them a completely healthier and fuller look. It has put an end to all the pricey makeup and techniques you always hated in the first place. 

The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is providing lip tattoos for the enhancement and improvement of the color of the lift here are some inside about the treatment and its procedure.

What is a Lip Blushing Treatment? 

Is basically a kind of semi permanent color injected into the lips that enhances the natural pigment of the lips and gives it an illusion of a fuller thicker and plumber look. The best part of the treatment is that it looks very natural and people do not need to use contouring techniques and harmful tinted lipsticks over the lips.

What are the Causes of Hyperpigmented and Hypopigmented Lips? 

Lip darkening is often caused by the increased production of melanin in a person’s body. This promotes a dark hue to the face as well as the lips.

Patients who had herpes virus often present with crusted and cracked appearance of lips that not only darken them but also alter their shape and structure.

Dehydration is one of the major causes of hypopigmented lips. Candidates who are often seriously dehydrated present with white lips and so taking lip blushing treatment once at least will add a natural color to the lips.  

Fast Facts About Lip Blushing Treatment:

Lip blushing treatment is also called a Lip Tattoo in Dubai. It’s a semi permanent advance cosmetic tattooing technique used to color and contour the shape of your lips.If you want to change he color or shape of your lips you are the best candidate for this procedure. 

Healing Time and Recovery:

After the micropigmentation injection is inserted into the lips for Pigmentation, it takes around 3 to 4 days for the lips to heal completely. It is important to take a day off on the day of the treatment however you can resume back to work from the very next day. Initially the appearance of the lips would look slightly bruised but it will fade in a few days. 

The Actual Color and Results:

Immediately after the pigment is inserted into the lips around the next day 50 to 60% of the color will lighten up, which will be the actual color. There is nothing to worry about in the reduction of the color because it is just to reach the natural tone and texture of the lips.

Pain and Discomfort:

A lot of the people who take lip blushing treatment in Dubai are often concerned whether the treatment is painful, the answer to that is, the treatment is not painful however some of the people report discomfort and uneasiness in the first few hours after the treatment.

Post Treatment Effects:

After that treatment it is very common for the lips to appear crusted and flaky. This is basically because of the pigments trying to embed themselves and merge into the skin of the lips; this will eventually fade off within a few days.

How Is The Procedure of Permanent Lip Blush Treatment in Dubai Done? 

Firstly, the aesthetician will apply a numbing gel or spray all over your lips so that you cannot feel pain during the treatment. 

Meanwhile the numbing gel is working. The esthetician will show you the shade card for selection that you would like to see in the final results after the treatment. 

The expert will find needles with micro pigments and will insert them evenly layer by layer into the lips.

Using mild movements of the thumb and finger the aesthetician will rub with the lips so that the pigment is evenly merged and spreads into the lips completely.

The Result:

Here is what you can expect in the result after the treatment: 

  • A perfectly well outline color of the lips.
  • Naturally healthy looking and plumber lips.
  • A perfect well contour body of the lips.
  • And enhanced facial profile.

What is The Cost of Lip Blush Treatment in Dubai? 

The Lip Blushing Treatment Costs around 499 AED. This is fairly reasonable than any other clinic. Our clinic provides offers and packages round the year for the feasibility of our valued candidates. 

The  Bottom Line!

A lot of the candidates we had served with Lip Tattoos in Dubai often feel satisfied with the treatment because it has finally put an end to makeup and lip tints they buy. The lip tints consist of chemicals that make the lips even darker.