Best Beauty Deals for Semi Permanent Makeup in Dubai

Ever since  celebrities, bloggers and influencers have got their hands on semi permanent makeup, it has drawn everyone’s tension. It is just as the name  indicates,it works by adding pigments to your skin without causing any harm to them.  So what’s new about the treatment ? 

 It saves time for makeup and touches up which you often need to do every now and then. It is now top rated because of its high success rate. Our clinic is now offering some best beauty deals for semi permanent makeup in Dubai you should definitely not miss availing. 

What is Semi Permanent Makeup? 

Semi permanent makeup is like a treatment of complexion that is done in order to redefine and enhance the appearance of the brows, eyes, cheeks, lips and the entire face. It is more like an alternative to regular makeup which people normally do.

Semi Permanent Makeup Offered in Our Clinic:

  • Microblading eyebrows.
  • Eyeliner.
  • Lip line contour .
  • Lip blushing/tint.
  • Dark circle pigmentation removal.

Beauty Deals for Semi Permanent Makeup:

Here are some Rockstar beauty deals offered by our clinic.  don’t forget to avail them and enjoy the benefits later on. 

Microblading Eyebrows:

The brows make the most essential part of the beauty in a woman’s face. It is the brows that give the person a younger, youthful or an older or aged appearance. 

Treat your brows by getting your hands on micro blading treatment. The treatment is done by A device which consists of powder filled pigment directly inserted into the alopecia parts of the brows. It’s instantly lifts the eyebrows, fills up and tints them in a natural way. You can follow the deal mentioned down for micro blading Dubai price

Avail Offer: Microblading for Eyebrows

Price:  600 AED 

Lip Blushing Treatment:

A lot of you always want naturally pinkish lips without the need of wearing lipstick. It is very legit to abandon the use of lipsticks because they have chemicals that will darken in your lips. The permanent lip blushing treatment offered in our clinic naturally enhances and redefines your lips by adding a pigment with realistic look. 

Avail Offer : Permanent Lip Blushing Treatment

Price : 499 AED 

Lip Contouring Treatment:

Want an eye- catching look of your lips?  Do you want people to turn around, stop and give you a glance?  the lip contouring treatment we offer is just the right pick you always wanted. It is likely different from the regular fillers that do not add volume but enhance and well define the complete appearance of the lips by contouring their shape. 

Avail Offer : Lip Contouring Treatment

Price: 999 AED

Dark Circle Pigmentation Removal:

Nobody would like Panda eyes, neither would you want to have them. Placing cucumber crisis on the eyes overnight will not instantly remove the dark circles. You need to take a sound a treatment for it like dark circles removal. The treatment works By the insertion of a pigment below the skin with the help of some specialised device full stop the till that is inserted into the skin is very similar to your skin colour and camouflages it like how a concealer does. 

Avail Offer : Dark Circles Treatment

Price : 999 AED 

What Are the Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup? 

Following are the benefits for semi-permanent makeup:

  • It saves time and energy that is often drained while doing makeup
  • Is very less invasive and harmful as compared to the chemical based makeup products
  • Treatments like permanent lip tint Dubai give your lips a natural tone and texture
  • Limits the number of salon visits expecially for brows 

Bottom Line!

No matter how much you invest in pricy makeup products and skin care essentials you will always end up disappointed because one or the other day they will eventually finish off and you will need to re-buy them. This is just not it, the harm  makeup products can cause is another story. Give up on all the makeup products you have been using in the past and choose the best semi permanent makeup deals we are offering. We bet that you will thank yourself later!