Sexual Reassignment Surgery Cost

The second name for sexual reassignment surgery is gender confirmation surgery. It actually helps transgender people match their physical attributes to their gender identification. Sexual reassignment surgery is a procedure that people opt for in order to match their physical characteristics with their genuine gender identities. Gender dysphoria, a painful discrepancy between one’s given sex at birth and their internal sense of gender, is the main reason someone might want to have this procedure. People want to lessen this discomfort and increase their sense of authenticity in their lives by undergoing this procedure. It gives people the chance to express who they truly are, enhancing their self-worth and general well-being. Additionally, it can help them feel more accepted and socially integrated within their chosen gender identity, promoting a feeling of belonging and lessening the effects of societal stigma. But most people are unaware of the Sexual Reassignment Surgery Cost.

What is it?

Sexual Reassignment Surgery is a surgical and invasive procedure that helps to change a person’s physical traits to match their gender identification. Gender dysphoria is a condition in which a person’s gender identity does not coincide with their given sex at birth. People who experience such conditions can opt for this procedure.

It involves different procedures that depend on the person’s anatomy and intended goal. For transgender women (given male at birth), surgeries like vaginoplasty, which makes a neovagina, and breast augmentation, which improves the chest’s look, are frequently performed. These individuals progress from male to female.

Procedures like phalloplasty or metoidioplasty may be carried out on transgender males (assigned female at birth) in order to create a neophallus or improve the look of the existing genital tissue. For chest masculinization, a mastectomy or chest reconstruction may also be done. These individuals progress from female to male.


Sexual reassignment surgery might change according to the patient’s desired gender identity, existing anatomy, and particular objectives. An expert will normally do a thorough consultation and examination as the first step in the procedure. He chooses the best surgical strategy after considering the patient’s medical background, psychological health, and transition goals. The whole procedure approximately takes 4 to 5 hours or more.

  • The doctor initiates the treatment of the hormone therapy. Hormone replacement treatments, such as testosterone if the individual is progressing from female to male, or estrogen and anti-androgens are helpful if the individual wants to progress from male to female. This therapy helps to develop secondary characteristics according to the desired gender.
  • The surgeon first administers the anesthesia to reduce the discomfort and pain during the procedure. This surgery involves the procedure that is as follows.


  • It is a difficult procedure that might take 5 hours or more to complete.
  • The surgeon cuts the scrotum and penis which are already present genital structures. He then makes the neovaginal lining using the penile skin. 
  • Afterward, he uses the penile skin and other tissue that is at hand to create a neovaginal canal. Inverting the penile skin makes the inner lining of the vaginal canal 
  • In order to construct a clitoral hood while protecting the delicate nerve endings, the surgeon refines the penis’ glans. He also contours and stitches the labia majora and neo-vulva using the outer part of the scrotum to provide a natural-looking appearance.
  • The outflow of the urethra compresses during this procedure to enable urination.


  • It is a very complex plastic surgery that takes between 8 and 9 hours to complete and demands the expert to have extraordinary specialised skills.
  • The urologist will immediately reconstruct the urethra using the labia minora. He will next create a scrotum that looks like that of a biological man from the labia majora.
  • The expert uses tissue from the lower arm for reproduction, perhaps after first treating it with laser hair removal. 
  • The inner canal, which is also useful for urinating, the fold of the skin covers and gives volume to it.
  • The donor area that is the arm gets a scar and appears slimmer than before.
  • The results are typically quite satisfying for the patient who manages to obtain a second penis that is 12 to 13 cm long and has the ability to penetrate


Sexual Reassignment Surgery Costs in Dubai might change according to a number of variables. It is important to remember that cost of this procedure might differ greatly depending on factors including geography, the precise surgical operation done, the healthcare facility used, and the patient’s unique situation. However, the actual cost of this procedure is AED 25,000 TO AED 60,000.


This procedure enables people to match their physical bodies with their authentic gender identification through a revolutionary medical procedure. 

  • Respect for gender identity
  • Reduces gender dysphoria
  • Better mental and physical health
  • Increases confidence in one’s appearance and self
  • Improvement of Life Quality
  • Increases social acceptance and integration
  • Improves Self-Expression and Authenticity
  • Stimulates intimacy and sexual satisfaction
  • Lessens psychiatric Stress 
  • Possibility of Bettering Social Connections and Relationships

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