Sclerotherapy Cost in Dubai

Sclerotherapy is a technique designed to treat varicose veins and spider veins. It is an approved medical procedure that has been used by clinicians since the 1930s.

It involves injecting a special solution into a vein to target the lining of the vessel and turn it into scar tissue so that it eventually becomes invisible. About 70-80% of damaged veins can be treated with just one sclerotherapy session. What’s the best part? This is suitable for both sexes. However, it is important to note that in some patients, these injections aren’t effective at all. Such patients should try laser therapy or any other Spider Veins Treatment.

Cost of Sclerotherapy:

So, How much does Sclerotherapy Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Price tags vary from patient to patient and from clinic to clinic. Keep scrolling to learn more. In general, the Cost of Sclerotherapy in Dubai ranges from AED 2,000 to AED 2,500. But remember, that’s worth it because the results are amazing.

Sclerotherapy coverage depends on the nature of the treatment. For example, if treatment is being carried out because it is medically necessary, the insurance company can help, and vice versa. In the next section, we will give you significant insight into the factors that will affect the cost of your sclerotherapy. This way, you will be able to plan and have your pocket ready for the appointment.

Five Factors Affecting Sclerotherapy Cost:

Factors that affect Sclerotherapy Dubai Price are:


With more syringes used comes the high cost of the Treatment. That being said, the number of injections is determined based on the degree of vein damage.

Medical Professional:

You should have faith in your GP, since, they will be performing no matter how common it may be. The doctor’s skills may affect the cost to a varying degree. The more reputed the medical professional, the higher may be the treatment cost. Although the skills are a huge benefit to you, the fluctuating cost for similar treatments explains why it’s vital to shop around. Visit at least two clinics before making a decision.

Therapy Area:

The more regions that you choose to have the treatment performed, the longer the procedure will take. Usually, a patient is charged by how long the treatment will last. Small areas like your arms will take shorter than larger regions like thighs.

Location of the Clinic:

Usually, in the UAE, the cost of living varies from place to place. For example, the Sclerotherapy Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is not the same. This is because the cost of living in these cities is different. Clinics may have to pay higher rents, purchase more expensive injections, and generally have higher costs. This, in turn, will have a significant impact on the cost of treatment as these numbers rise.

Number of Sclerotherapy Sessions You Need:

Unfortunately, sclerotherapy is not a one-off treatment. You are encouraged to undergo at least two sessions to treat damaged Veins effectively. As we said earlier, the number of treatments also varies based on the level of damage.

The Takeaway:

Most patients considering sclerotherapy likely ask about the price. Well, that’s understandable. I hope, now you have answers to all the questions related to the costs. Though Sclerotherapy in Dubai is pretty expensive, you’ll find that the cost is worth it.

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