Spider Veins Treatment in Dubai

Your veins’ job is to produce the blood from your body and send it to the heart so it can be re-oxygenated. Arteries, on the other hand, transport oxygenated blood heart to the body. The veins may appear as fine lines or branches that resemble thin red, blue, or purple lines when they are injured by stress, high blood pressure, or the sun. They are referred to as “Spider Veins.” Although pressure from coughing and sneezing and sun exposure can cause them to form on the face, the ankles and legs are where they are most often seen. Don’t worry, It’s time to remove the problem that has been bothering you for a while, if you are searching for 5 Ways to Stop Spider Veins From Spreading. 

What are Spider Veins?

Spider Veins are microscopic veins that are typically colored blue, purple, or red. They can appear like fine lines, even branching. They are also recognized as thread veins, particularly on the thighs and the area below the knees, where they appear most frequently. For some people, they may not be aesthetically pleasing. The infected people don’t need to be concerned because there are numerous techniques to treat them. 

5 Ways to Stop Spider Veins:

You may stop existing spider veins from getting worse and prevent new ones from forming by incorporating the following self-habits into your daily routine:

Move More:

The chance of getting spider veins increases with prolonged periods of inactivity. The infected applicants should walk and repeat this habit regularly to avoid fluid building up in their legs.

Use Compression Socks:

Condensing socks enhance blood circulation in the lower legs and can help lessen the fluid retention that leads to spider veins.

Raise Your Legs:

Expand your legs in the evening to prevent blood clotting, if your legs are still swollen after exercising and wearing compression socks.

Apply Sunscreen:

If you already have facial spider veins, applying sunscreen may prevent you from developing more. Over time, blood vessels can become damaged by the sun’s heat.

Limit your Use of Saunas and Hot Tubs:

Some people may experience blood vessel cracks due to exposure to high temperatures. Protecting your skin from the sun can help you to prevent spreading.

Top 5 Therapies for Spider Veins:

The following are the top 5 treatments recommended by Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic for stopping the spread of spider veins:

(1) Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins:

This procedure is very effective at the initial stage. It consists of the following steps:

  • The specialist will clean the treatment spot before starting the technique.
  • Then the expert will highlight the targeted site.
  • Then the expert will administer the injection.
  • The professional will immediately put on compression gauze.
  • The gauze should be tightly wound.
  • The expert will instruct the applicants to walk for an hour after the technique.

(2) Laser Treatment for Spider Veins:

The Laser Treatment employs a strong light beam to solidify and dry out clusters of affected veins. This is a comfortable method as compared to sclerotherapy. In the technique, experts will use laser therapy to treat and medicate spider veins if they are small and close to the skin’s surface. A powerful beam of light is utilized to dry up and solidify the veins. The procedure is also barely intrusive.

(3) Compression Therapy for Spider Veins:

To address the problem, a traditional approach is applied in this procedure. The process enables the applicants to eliminate the exterior effects of spider veins. Most often, compression is combined with non-surgical approaches to correct the insufficient valvular heart.

(4) Endovenous Laser Therapy for Spider Veins:

This procedure is very helpful in removing the issue. Anesthesia will be used before the procedure to numb the area and make the customer comfortable. After some time has passed, the doctor makes a little cut near the affected area. The veins are then heated up and made to collapse by the laser fiber that is then inserted.

5) Invasive Treatment for Spider Veins:

The treatment is useful for more pronounced Varicose Veins. When the above-mentioned treatment fails to remove this problem, the expert will suggest the surgical method.


The Cost of Spider Vein Treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 1,200 to AED 5,500. But this is not fixed. It depends on multiple factors, including the type of treatment, the use of anesthetics, the name and location of the clinic, the facilities utilized, the doctor’s experience, and the condition of the patient.

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