Best Dental Clinic for Root Canal Treatment in Dubai Abu Dhabi Ras Al Khaimah UAE

If you are a resident of Ras Al Khaimah then it is very legit that you are fond of sweets and sugary food. Little do you know that these are one of the major enemies of your tooth. Food rich in sugar and carbohydrates are a favourable condition for the bacteria to feed on your tooth. Eventually it leads to infection and decay of the tooth. The best way to restore an infectious tooth is to treat it with a root canal treatment. Our clinic is known as the best dental clinic in UAE because we have top not dentist for the treatment of root canal.

Here are some little details about the root canal treatment you should know for good.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a conservative approach for the treatment of an infectious tooth. When the bacteria has invaded the core of the tooth that is known as the pulp and slowly, gradually it enters into the roots of the tooth then the tooth becomes severely infected. As a result the patient perceives pain, swelling and discomfort. In some severe conditions this infection can transmit into the adjacent tooth also.

What Are The Conditions In Which A Root Canal Treatment Becomes Mandatory? 

  • Severely infected tooth
  • In case of a tooth that requires crown placement
  • In abutment teeth that are bridge supporters

What Are The Symptoms That You Need A Root Canal Treatment? 

Chronic History of Pain

When your tooth is cavitated and the pain has just started a few days ago then it is known to be of short history or acute. It means it can be treated by a normal filling. However, if the cavity is deep, and the pain is occurring for a very long time for supposingly more than a month then it means that it’s time for a root canal treatment.

Severe Radiating Pain

One of the classical signs that can differentiate an infectious tooth from a normal tooth is that the pain can spread into other parts of the face, for example the head or the neck region.

Discomfort During Night

If you have pain that is normally felt while sleeping then this is known as the nocturnal pain. A normal tooth will never cause you pain during the night but an infectious tooth that requires immediate root canal treatment often arises during a deep sleep.

Recurrent Swelling

A severe infection often causes the surroundings of the gum or the cheat to swell up massively. This is because of the exudates that transmit and spread into the spaces. In such cases you need to seek the best root canal treatment in UAE like the one offered in our dynamic clinic.

Why Is a Root Canal Treatment Important?

It is always important to preserve the tooth rather than extracting it out. This is because no matter how well structured or well functioned an artificial tooth might be it cannot be compatible with the functional integrity of a natural tooth. Therefore it is always better to save your tooth from a root canal treatment rather than getting it extracted in case of infection or cavity.

What Are The Steps Involved In A Root Canal Treatment? 

  • History taking an examination
  • Investigation
  • Recording an initial working length from the X-ray
  • Access cavity preparation
  • Debridement of the infected pulp 
  • Cleaning and shaping of the canal
  • Filling the canal with the canal filling material 
  • Core build up using a filling material 
  • Crown preparation
  • Crown placement 
  • Bite and occlusion check

The entire treatment is done in 3 to 4 visits and not in a single go. However, for patients who demand it to be done in one day, the treatment can be done in a single visit also.

What Is The Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE?

The average cost of root canal treatment in Ras Al Khaimah starts from AED 1500 to AED 5000 The cost can vary depending on the condition and severity of the tooth and the number of visits required. The entire package consists of everything starting from the dentist fees up till the crown placement. 

The Final Verdict

According to the majority of the dentists, leaving an infected tooth and not treating it is one of the greatest hazards you can do with your oral cavity. The infection can spread to the adjacent teeth leading to a secondary infection that is even more harmful. Therefore, our clinic offers the best root canal treatment in UAE as it is done by highly skillful experts.