Rhinoplasty in Dubai: Recovery after Your Nose Job

There is more to transformational changes than just appearing aesthetically pleasing at the end of the day. The majority seems to be talking about the surgical procedures, but only quite a few refer to the aftermath. Today, we are taking the initiative to guide you about Rhinoplasty in Dubai: Recovery after Your Nose Job. It is a multitasking treatment that is gaining popularity all over the Middle East. However, there is more to this cosmetic enhancement that needs to be addressed for safety and durability purposes.

Continue reading to find out about the working mechanism of Rhinoplasty, and how it is transforming lives for improved self-esteem. So join us as we take you on a journey to redeem your best days!

Why Choose Rhinoplasty?

A surgical way to enhance the aesthetics and other aspects of a nose. For this reason, it is also referred to as a Nose Job. It is one of the common and extensively performed procedures that not only corrects the flaws but also addresses other medical complications related to trouble inhaling and exhaling. A personalized consultation is required where the cosmetic surgeon analyzes the nose from the inside and out before giving you his/her final words to register you as a suitable contender to ensure a smooth and successful transformation.

What Happens During the Operation?

It is looked at as a surgery because of the delicacy of the nasal structure. However, our exceptionally qualified experts deliver outstanding results by approaching the steps mentioned below:

  • X-rays are performed to analyze the nasal bone and other complexities, if present.
  • 3D scans and digital imprints are made to sketch out the final look.
  • These plans are then utilized in the formation of the new changes.
  • Then access to the bone area is approached by cutting into the nose.
  • Excessive flesh blocking the breathing holes is reduced carefully.
  • The nasal bridge is redesigned and enhanced according to one’s face shape.
  • The last step involves incision-making and dressing up the wounds.
  • The sutures are going to dissolve on their own but following aftercare guidelines with oral and topical medications will help speed up the recovery progress.

What to Expect Afterward?

This time-consuming recovery requires patience and proper care to achieve the best results possible. During the initial stage, you will feel soreness and difficulty while eating and speaking. This is why a liquid diet and complete bed rest are advised to heal from the inside out. As soon as the inflammation and swelling calm down, wounds will recover too. Following this step, the external sutures are taken down and with the support of bandages, the final formation is set to take its place. By responsibly following your surgeon’s instructions, candidates can enjoy the long-lasting effect of a beautifully crafted nose to grace their facial persona and overall personality. 

How Long Does it Take to Recover?

On an average basis, everyone’s body is going to heal differently. But depending on the extent of the Cosmetic Surgery, it typically takes a month or more to adjust to the new changes. As soon as the bone and flesh are repaired, you will slowly re-adapt the previous eating patterns. After 5 – 6 months, the final shape is going to refine itself. So, generally, the entire journey is going to take a year to completely subside and develop the desired outcomes. 

Safety Guidelines after a Nose Job:

Here are some of the best aftercare instructions for a smooth recovery:

  • Gently apply ice packs to reduce swelling and bruising from the whole face.
  • Rest relying on your back instead of sideways as it may force pressure on the nose.
  • Avoid activities that may lead to sneezing. Also, refrain from blowing your nose.
  • It is ideal to not wear any goggles or glasses for a few weeks.
  • Physical or sexual activities must be paused simultaneously.
  • You are advised to eat healthy while avoiding processed food for a speedy recovery.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited as they may lead to complications.
  • Make sure to complete your sleep cycle and get plenty of bed rest during the first few days after the surgery.


Unlike other surgical procedures, a nose job is relatively a fragile modification that requires careful consideration to recover completely. Where it does take a bit longer to heal and develop desired outcomes, it is also a permanent change in terms of achieving your beauty goals. Generally, it takes about a year or more to experience ideal transformation. However, for some, the new changes are noticeable in less than a year. An individual can heal and adjust to new changes and witness the transition of a lifetime. 

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