Reduce your double chin with Belkyra

Excess fat under the chin is the most ordinary condition every next person has to face. During the age period of 20-25, facial contouring bone is much prominent and visible but as you cross the 30s it becomes fatty and appears unattractive. Removing this fat through physical activities is quite impossible however we all have heard about the most famous exercise that includes the lifting of the neck upward toward the ceiling for some seconds which is pretty uncomfortable. Also, expectedly, there is no evidence available to show that this exercise reduces the chin fat.

To destroy the fatty cells under the chin without any bandages or stitches Belkyra treatment in Dubai would be the only best choice anyone can have. It’s comprised of deoxycholic acid that dissolves the unwanted fat present in the jawline. Although, after getting enough success in treating the fatty jawline, it’s now being examined for usage in other areas of the body.

You can now easily reduce your double chin with Belkyra in Dubai by meeting the expert doctors at Dynamic.

However, if you’re living in Dubai and want to highlight the jawline without any risks or complications, then feel free to consider Belkyra treatment from our skilled doctors!

How does Belkyra work for Double Chin?

No doubt that the Belkyra effectively treats the double chin but still a query arises that how does it work? As every person wants to get into the depth of the treatment they’re getting.

Belkyra is the magical therapy of 15-20 minutes, without any cuts or stitches, it will eradicate the double chin and make you appear more attractive. At first, the doctors at the dynamic clinic will take photos of your neck and discusses the exact changes you want in your jawline.

The excess fatty area of the chin is marked with tiny dots to determine the exact position of injections. A specified amount of injectable solution is delivered on the identified dots and after that, you’re done with it. Anyhow, the whole technique is executed under local anesthesia or any sort of numbing cream to subside the pinch discomfort.

After receiving the injection, Belkyra works by destroying the fatty tissues and breaks them into portions and the fat released gets mixed into the bloodstream. It gets excreted out of the body through the natural liver process so you won’t be a victim of excessive chin fat anymore.

It’s the best approach to enhance the facial profile and has helped almost every patient who was the victim of a double chin. A rough estimate of the success rate is 90% because not every person can get benefit from it. In some extreme cases, surgery may be a better option.

How would I know that Belkyra is the correct choice for me?

From minor to severe, it can handle all the concerns of double chin but also it’s not found to be pretty suitable for those who face extra sagginess in their double chin.

Moreover, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and having an infection on the treated site, our doctors won’t treat you. For best suitability, please discuss your medical concerns with the experts in detail so they can advise you on an appropriate treatment option. As patients’ safety is our initial priority.

After determining the best fittingness, you can easily reduce your double chin with Belkyra in Dubai.

How long will I have to wait to see the results?

It’s quite tough to get the results instantly, you will be needing to show patience as the maximum consequences will take 6-12 months but it’s not certain in every case. Some blessed souls have noticed a visible difference even after 2-3 weeks of treatment so we cannot conclude the exact period as outcomes may vary from person to person.

Moreover, attending 3-6 sessions of Belkyra in Dubai would be enough and each sitting should be spaced two months apart as the body needs to get settled.

What are the complications involved in it?

Unlike surgical procedures, the side effects or complications involved with Belkyra are very rare. Some sort of redness, mild pain, or swelling can be felt which lasts for a maximum of 3-4 days of treatment so there is nothing to worry about.

In case you get the treatment from an unqualified doctor, you may not be going to see the results as he/she won’t be knowing the exact dosage which matters a lot in acquiring satisfying outcomes.


Belkyra is an injectable procedure to reduce your double chin no matter how much fatty it is. This technique is found to be moderate in dealing with all types of double chin concerns effectively. It targets excessive fat and deals with it to provide you the contoured jawline you’ve ever desired.

In Dubai, every next clinic is offering the Belkyra treatment for double chin removal, but ensuring their offered services and expertise of doctor holds much importance in results. You can remove your double chin appearance with Belkyra in Dubai by having quality time with our expert doctors.