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Acne scars on the face are usually small and imperceptible but when they cover the entire face, they are likely to make you less attractive. Although you can address mild scars on your own, to Reduce Pimple Scars on Face Dubai, ask a cosmetologist if you should undergo a special procedure. They will look for the degree of the scarring and your health to recommend a treatment.

Treatment of Pimple Scars:

Many acne scars treatments are available. Your treatment will depend on the size and degree of the scars. It’s better not to try any home remedy without first discussing it with your doctor. Together you and your dermatologist can perform a successful risk-benefit analysis.

The top 6 in-office acne scars treatments are:


You can Reduce Pimple Scars on Face Dubai with fillers. Fillers contain fat, collagen, hyaluronic acid, or other substances that help amp up fullness over the target areas. However, it is important to note that the results are temporary. To retain the effects, you may want to have recurrent treatments.

Steroids Injections:

Your dermatologist may administer corticosteroid solution directly into the pimple scars. This will break down connections between collagen fibers, and reduce the appearance of scars. Just so you know, steroids are commonly used on raised scars.

Laser Skin Resurfacing:

Generally, practitioners utilize this approach in combination with dermabrasion. They use a special laser device and a rotating brush to remove the top layers of the skin. Results are quick, and natural-looking provided that you choose an experienced practitioner.


Dermabrasion is a minimally invasive approach to pimple scars. This involves removing the damaged layers of the skin with a rotating brush.

Chemical Peels:

In treating mild acne scars, peeling may be the first-line therapy. Using special chemical solutions, your doctor reduces the appearance of acne breakouts. However, the results are temporary and side-effects do occur.

Tip: Choose a certified dermatologist to perform peeling or else, you may not obtain the desired results


One treatment option is excision. This treatment is done under topical anesthesia. The surgeon uses a sharp razor to cut out the scar.

The Bottom Line:

Some acne scars get better in a couple of months without treatment. Others require special care to go away.

Treatments like fillers, steroid injections, laser treatment, dermabrasion, and chemical peels may be worth a shot. They can help reduce the appearance of scars and enhance the skin without surgery.

At your first appointment, the dermatologist will check the degree of scarring and ask about your medical history.

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