Radio Frequency for Acne Scars Cost in Dubai

If you are bothered by acne scarring, Radiofrequency treatment can help. It stimulates collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin production and improves cell turnover, making the skin look smoother and flawless. While there are many types of radiofrequency devices available to minimize scarring, 3 DPL is the best of them all. It significantly improves the texture of scars within a few sessions.

Radio Frequency for Acne Scars Cost in Dubai is charged per session basis. The more treatments you take, the more you will pay. But in addition to a number of sessions, there are other things that can influence the price. This blog post discusses the chief factors that one should consider before making the final decision.

Average Cost:

An average Radiofrequency for acne scars treatment is priced at AED 699 in Dubai. The minimum price is AED 599 and the maximum price is AED 899 per session.

Cost Trends:

In general, there are five factors one should consider before getting this treatment. The factors include:

Size & Number of Scars to Remove:

This is one of the factors that influence the treatment price. In fact, the price is directly proportional to the size and number of scars a person has to fix.

Experience of the Doctor:

The cost is also affected by the expertise of the doctor. If you are selecting a certified professional for your treatment, you may pay a larger amount of money. On the other, an aesthetician is going to charge you less.

Clinic’s Reputation:

The cost also varies from clinic to clinic. A person should compare the cost of various skincare clinics before taking the services. However, you can also come to Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. It is among the reputed clinics for radiofrequency for acne scars in Dubai.

Number of Sessions:

I would recommend a minimum course of three sessions to see a noticeable reduction in scars. Though, they can be more or less depending on the texture and size of the scars.

Anyway, the number of sessions largely influences the treatment price. The more sessions are required, the more money you will spend.

The Venue:

The area of the country where the patient lives can affect the treatment price. In general, aesthetic clinics that are located in cities where the costs of living are higher offer really expensive treatments. And on the other hand, clinics situated in the city where the cost of living is lower offer services at lower rates.

About Us!

Cosmetic treatments are quick, convenient, and effective procedures that are now being provided by several aesthetic clinics and spas in the UAE. So why should you choose Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic for your radiofrequency acne scars treatment?

It’s not just a business for us, it’s personal. We believe in giving the patients the very best in radiofrequency technology and so our expert professionals use the safest of all available devices i.e. 3 DPL in the scar treatment. It is an FDA-approved, safe system that is effective, and delivers incredible results. I assure you that with us you will receive the best, painless radiofrequency for acne scar treatment that leaves the skin flawless, smoother, and scarless, and can be used in the coming year.

When you come to Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, you can be sure that your treatment will be done by diligent, certified, and experienced professionals, utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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