PRP Injection for Black Hair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

This injection can be the answer to your hair loss

PRP promises the facial glow for years as a Vampire facial. The same concept goes on for hair. Doctors would take little of your blood and re-inject it in your scalp after some processing. Whatever the color of your hair either if it’s brown, white, or grey it can stop hair fall. However, Asian women mostly encounter black hair therefore, this blog post can surely help them. As I stated everything important related to PRP Injection for Black Hair in Dubai. Continue ahead

Who is The Candidate?

If the idea of Hair Transplant surgery freaks you out or it seems scary, you can have PRP. Women mostly are found good candidates for this treatment due to uncertain experiences of hair loss. However, this therapy is also rewarding for surgical patients who want PRP in conjunction with hair transplantation for the ideal optimization of results.


The benefits of PRP and tissue regeneration are widely accepted in medical terms, but its usage in some conditions is currently being studied. Potentially, it’s the revolutionary way to tackle the growing problem of hair loss within minutes.Its course of sessions can help restore existing hair and encourage the other roots to regrow. It’s always better to start early than late in terms of preserving the shinier, fuller finish. Besides, the efficiency reported for PRP for black hair is 80-90% overall on average.

How PRP For Black Hair is Done?

Above all, it’s not about hair color, it’s just the way treatment is done.The entire process of PRP Injection for Black Hair in Dubai- remains simple, as it only involves drawing blood from the patient’s arm and placing it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma. This plasma is then re-injected into the directed portions of the scalp. For black hair, PRP treatment is easy due to instant recognition of damaged tissue whereas, for white hair, the procedure becomes quite complex.

What’s So Good About Platelets?

Platelets contain a huge amount of growth factors. However, Plasma is the favorite diet of the scalp but somehow proper blood circulation can’t be supported due to stress or hormonal factors. PRP injections just fill up this deficiency. Further, you can also consider platelets as a sort of natural chemical not just for your hair but also for knee pains, and wound healing.

Note that: In case of any blood infection, clotting, or any other bleeding disorder, discuss it with your dermatologist before rushing into anything.

The Takeaway:

So you would be willing to have injections in the scalp to boost your hair growth? We spoke to so many doctors and one trusted, the reliable solution comes out to be PRP. It’s a simple natural procedure to enhance the healing and building of scalp tissues.In case of extreme black hair loss, its number of sessions can range from 6-8 spaced apart for one month or perhaps more. Our experts always recommend in-person consultation for proper guidance. To schedule your advance appointment of PRP Injections for Black Hair in Dubai, use the online form or call us directly at +971 588230420.