Protruding Teeth Treatment Cost in Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah

You can hide spaces in your teeth, brush them vigorously to fade the discoloration but how can you hide protruded teeth that are very prominent? They add a very ugly look on the face especially while smiling. Having over exposing gums along with protruded teeth is like a cherry on top! There is nothing much you can do for protruded teeth except for smiling less often but there is one thing we can do for you! Our Dynamic clinic provides one of the best protruded teeth treatment in Dubai and has a record of many successful cases. 

Here are some insights about the protruded teeth and how they can be treated. 

What Are The Causes of Protruded Teeth?

The causes of protruded teeth include:

Excessive Protrusion of the Upper Jaw

People who often have a protruded upper jaw are very likely to develop protruded  teeth also. This is basically because of their positioning within the bone.

Sudden Weight Loss

You will be surprised to know that losing facial mass abruptly can often cause your teeth to appear as very protruded and prominent. Your facial muscles play a very important role in hiding your teeth and making adjustments. 

Use of Pacifiers or Thumb Sucking

This is one of the leading causes of why people choose protruded teeth treatment in Dubai. The constant forces exerted by The pacifier and the thumb on to the anterior teeth causes the teeth to protrude further. 

Failure of Any Milk Tooth Exfoliation

The presence of milk teeth in the oral cavity often causes the crowding of the teeth. The lack of space causes the teeth to protrude ahead.


You inherit almost all of your facial features from your parents. If either of your parents had protruded teeth then it is very likely that you will also inherit them unluckily.

Treatment Options for Protruded Teeth:

The treatment of protruded teeth is not just confined for aesthetic concerns but also because of certain functions that become unable to be performed because of them. One of the major examples in such a case is biting.  If you have excessive protrusion in upper teeth then it becomes harder to bring them in approximation with the lower teeth.

The treatment options for protruded teeth include:

  • Surgical treatment
  • Non surgical treatment

Non Surgical Treatment

This includes the orthodontic treatment for protruded teeth. The treatment is a complex one and has a series of steps to be followed. It is a lengthy process and it requires patience and compliance as a must. 

The mode of action of the treatment is by aligning the teeth using the root movements in collaboration with the devices and appliances placed over them. 

An orthodontic treatment uses metal braces paired with wires and rubber rings to exert forces on the roots that will cause the movements.

Orthodontic treatment is considered as the best protruded teeth treatment in Dubai

Surgical Treatment

Since orthodontic treatment with braces is a lengthy treatment and requires multiple years to be invested, a fast procedure for the protruded teeth treatment in Dubai is an orthodontic surgery. It takes less time to be effective as compared to orthodontic surgery but the post operative after care and healing will still take a lot of time. It is done in conditions where there is severe malformation that is not possible to be corrected by the braces.

What Are The Benefits of Taking an Orthodontic Treatment? 

  • Perfectly aligned teeth
  • A better confidence and self esteem 
  • No more hesitation while smiling
  • An ideal facial profile
  • Aesthetically appealing facial features

Cost of Protruded Teeth Treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

The cost of protruded teeth treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi normally starts from AED 999 to AED 20,000. The cost also varies depending on the type of treatment.

The Final Verdict

There are some other treatments also for the protruded teeth like ceramic braces, invisalign, damon braces, lingual braces etc, you can visit our clinic or book a consultation with the dentist to know the correct protruded teeth treatment cost in Dubai for each of them.