Protruded teeth treatment cost in Dubai

It is human need to feel appreciated and confident in our own skin, but some factors act as a hindrance in this pursuit. Mostly because these elements are not in our control, and we are born with them. We are discussing such a matter in this blog: protruding teeth.

Only because they were bestowed upon you from the heavens does not mean that there is no way to satisfaction. To have beautifully aligned teeth, you can opt for protruding Teeth Treatment. This will ease problems for you by giving a more symmetrical look to your jaw and eventually face. The demand for Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai has increased rapidly in recent years. There are a variety of orthodontic treatments that will help you gain a confident smile!

What are Protruding Teeth?

Protruding teeth, also known as buck teeth or overbite, is a condition where the upper teeth are misaligned in a way that they might project a little farther than the lower ones. Some people have severe misalignment while others’ overbite might not be as noticeable. The biggest contributor in giving someone protruding teeth is genetics. You might get them because protruding teeth run in your family, or you may just be born with them because of your genetic makeup. However, other reasons that may cause your upper teeth to stick out include the vehement use of pacifiers in childhood or if you had a severe habit of sucking your thumb. Protruding teeth can be fixed through a variety of procedures.

Why are Protruding Teeth Fixed?

There are several reasons why people fix protruding teeth. However, most people want to fix them for cosmetic reasons, especially if the overbite is severe. Following are some other reasons why people go for Protruding teeth treatments:

  •         To protect other teeth from being affected by protruding teeth
  •         To chew efficiently
  •         To avoid accidental tongue bites.
  •         To protect the gums

Treatments for Protruding Teeth:

It is only through an orthodontist that you can get your teeth fixed. There are no home remedies to this process. Following are the treatments that you can opt for:


Braces are probably the most common treatment that is used to treat misaligned teeth. In order to treat protruding teeth, braces are traditionally used so that enough pressure is given to the teeth to be placed at a new, more aligned position. Adults or children both can equally benefit from these wired devices. They can solve the problem of overbite and make you smile more confidently.


Retainers are plastic made devices that are placed over the teeth to keep them straightened. Retainers are mostly used to avoid protruding teeth after braces have been taken off. Once the problem of overbite has been solved through braces, there is a chance that your teeth go back to the previous position. Therefore, retainers can be used. They can also be used without having to take braces, but all this will be decided by your orthodontist.


These are custom-made plastic aligners which are made through the mold of your teeth. Patients are supposed to wear Invisalign so that the position of their teeth can be changed. This is more popular with teenagers and adults rather than children. For children, dentists usually suggest the placement of braces. However, everything has to be decided by a qualified orthodontist. Therefore, you need to seek professional help if you also have protruding teeth and you want to have them aligned.

Cost of Protruding Teeth Treatments:

The cost varies depending upon the clinic you have chosen. It may also depend on the severity of your case or the type of treatment you have opted for. Protruded Teeth Treatment Cost in Dubai also varies according to these factors. However, at Dynamic Clinic, you will get metallic braces at the cost of AED 6500 for a single jaw and AED 12,000 for two. Likewise, Invisalign may cost AED 7500 to 13,000- for a single jaw- depending upon the type of Invisalign that is being used.

There are other treatments too that can be employed for the purpose of fixing an overbite. This article has mentioned only the common ones.

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