Pros & Cons of Lip Augmentation

It is common for many individuals to alter the shape and size of the lips. If you have disproportionate or too small lips, then you might want to improve them. Lips are likely to get thin over time. Frequently, you start noticing significant changes in the size of the lips in the late 30s. Besides aging, genetic is another common reason for thin lips. Anyway, no matter, why your lips are so thin, you can undergo Lip augmentation to achieve fuller, bigger, and healthier lips. It improves Lips appearance without affecting the overall balance of the face. Anyhow, lips can be augmented in different ways. Sufferers can opt for both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to get the desired shape and size of the lips.

Should I Get This Treatment?

Lip augmentation provides people with symmetrical lips by fixing the unevenness. However, if you want permanent improvement in them, I suggest you use lip implants. Lip augmentation with implants presents long-lasting results. It improves the fullness permanently and as a result, sufferers achieve a beautiful, breath-taking smile forever. The two most common types of lip implants are synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and silicone. While both these implants can enhance the appearance but the former one is considered better in terms of results and safety. It is safe and produces more natural-looking upshots.

Well, you can enhance the lips in so many other ways including fat grafting, fillers, tissue grafting, Fotona 4D lip augmentation, etc. You need to discuss these options with an expert to discover which treatment is best suited to your needs and preferences.

Please note that lip augmentation treatments are not appropriate for everyone. There comes a particular candidacy criterion with every option and you should fulfill that criterion first. An expert can help you a lot with this. He will assess your health status and understand your goals to help you make a wise decision. Anyhow, in general, sufferers with perfect medical health can get benefit from cosmetic treatments.

Pros and Cons:


Augmentation with an implant is a long-term solution to thin lips. Patients achieve ideal facial harmony for a lifetime. Further, the treatment adds volume to the lips and thus improves the smile as well.

Enhancement of the lips can produce a face that is more proportionate to the rest of the body, particular for those who are interested in enhancing their body profile in the same treatment.

Lip enhancement also helps to boost the patient’s self-confidence by making her/him self-assured in every look

Involves quick recovery and minimal, short term side-effects. Patients should only experience mild pain and discomfort pain after having this treatment.

Most lip enhancement treatments are simple and quick. They require only 20 to 35 minutes to complete.

Lip filling with hyaluronic acid delivers the most natural results. This is due to the fact the hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. This treatment significantly improves the appearance of the lips, by making them look fuller and softer than before.

Last but not the least, the cost. We must highlight the low cost of lip augmentation. In general, you need to spend only a few dollars to get the desired lip shape. Non-surgical lip enhancement is an affordable treatment. While you may need to take multiple sessions to see optimal results, but still the treatment is cheap.


You can expect to face complications with a surgical option like a lips implant. There is a risk of bleeding, swelling, and infection after having this type of surgery. The easiest way to avoid such complications is the selection of an experienced practitioner. Such practitioners are capable of presenting an ideal outcome without problems. So, prior to the treatment, you should look into the credentials, and background of the practitioner in order to prevent botched treatment.

Lip augmentation with an implant is a little costly. Although it is a minor cosmetic surgery, the overall treatment cost may be very high. This is because surgical procedures demand great care and time by the practitioners.

The third main disadvantage of Lip Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is that recovery can take a lot of time. Like after implants, your social and personal life will be disturbed for at least a month. Also, in this phase, you won’t be able to run, swim, or perform any strenuous exercise. In simple words, we can say that it involves a long downtime.

Aftercare is not simple. Even makeup would not be allowed for some time. Other than that, patients can’t have massages and sunbaths.

The results of most of the lip enhancement procedures are not instant. They don’t become visible until all the side-effects have been subsided. Also, please note that swelling takes maximum time to go away, so expect to see results after a long time.

Wrapping Up:

While Lip augmentation is incredible but you should keep this in mind that it brings some disadvantages as well.

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