Lip Aaugmentation For Fuller Lips in Dubai

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Lip Augmentation with implants or fillers is a widely used approach in the management of thin lips, but there are very few pieces of evidence on Asian populations who are attracted by this treatment. Why? This article focuses on summarizing the existing studies on the role of implants and fillers in the treatment of thin lips among Asians. Continue reading.

Wondering What Lip Augmentation Technique is Right For You?

If you are going under the needle and knife, you should be well informed. In this article, we are breaking down everything you should know about Lip Augmentation For Fuller Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi including techniques, results, risks, candidacy, benefits, costs, etc.



  • You can make your lips permanently bigger with implants.
  • Implants are cosmetic appliances that give fullness and plumpness to the lips to improve facial harmony and balance.
  • The results are long-lasting and natural-looking, but you must choose an experienced provider to perform the procedure.

Fillers :

  • The use of fillers is a widely available alternative to implants.
  • It is a groundbreaking lip enhancement technique that uses hyaluronic acid to help restore volume and plumpness.

Fat Grafting:

  • Using your own fat to augment the lips is another alternative to implants
  • It is also referred to as autologous Lip Augmentation
  • It takes about 45 to 60 minutes to complete
  • The results last six to eight years

Lip Augmentation Results:

Though fillers and fat grafting do seem to provide incredible results, they can in no way be compared to the results obtained with lip implants. In general, the effects of fillers last 4-5 months only. On the other hand, implants provide a permanent solution. So, if you are looking to increase the lip size permanently, please consider implants.


Compared to surgical lip augmentation, fillers carry fewer risks. In most cases, patients only experience swelling, redness, and slight sensitivity in their lips after the filler appointment.

Contrastingly, possible side effects of lip implants are infection, scarring, tissue loss, prolonged bruising, and botched results.

All things considered, in terms of risks, fillers are way better than lip implant surgery.


The ideal candidate for Lip augmentation for fuller lips in Dubai is someone who has thin lips and wants to enhance their size and shape. At the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we offer only FDA-approved treatments, and the highest quality care so, you can restore volume to your unattractive lips safely.

Benefits of Lip Augmentation:

Here are five benefits of lip augmentation:

  • Improves the look of the lips.
  • Boosts confidence.
  • Make your face look more balanced and symmetrical.
  • 100% natural-looking results.
  • You can be back to routine activities on the same day as the treatment.

Lip Augmentation Cost:

The Cost of Lip Augmentation will depend principally on the technique the professional is using, but typically, it ranges from AED 700 to AED 2000.

Note: Medical insurance doesn’t cover it.

Lip Augmentation at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic!

Many patients seeking Lip Augmentation in Dubai choose to have the treatment done by a certified plastic surgeon, Dr. AbdulMajeed. He is an expert at augmenting the size of the lips with fillers, implants, and fat grafting to make them more proportioned to the rest of the face. You can also be a suitable prospect for this procedure but to find out about it you need to contact us right now.

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