Pigmentation Treatments for Permanent Solution

Pigmentation is a condition in which an individual’s skin color changes. So, simply, it is the unusual coloring of the skin. Our skin color is a result of melanin pigments present beneath the skin so when their concentration rises dark spots appear on it. Two common causes of this skin disorder are excessive sun exposure and the natural aging process.

Pigmentation can occur on any part of the body but don’t worry it is harmless. Secondly, it is not a medical issue, people opt for pigmentation treatments to meet their aesthetic goals.


People ages 20 and up are at the highest risk of Pigmentation. You can prepare and protect yourself from this skin condition by considering these preventive tips,

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure. Before going out wear sunscreen with SPF higher than 45
  • Design and follow the right skincare practices, we recommend you use anti-inflammatory skincare ingredients every day.


There are several pigmentation creams available in the market but most of them provide temporary results so if you are looking for a permanent solution to your problem then Dynamic Clinic is the right place for you. Visit our clinic we are offering several pigmentation treatments to help you make your skin flawless. Consult a dermatologist to decide which treatment is good for you. The five best pigmentation treatments are given below,

  1. Chemical peels
  2. Laser therapy
  3. IPL therapy
  4. Dermabrasion
  5. Microdermabrasion

Chemical peels:

You can permanently get rid of pigmentation by using chemical peels. The peels contain acids so when applied on the skin they peel off the upper damaged layer of skin and reveal clear, smooth, and flawless skin. Chemical peels are classified into three main types depending on their penetration depth. The dermatologist will assess your skin condition to decide which one he will use. The treatment is safe and produces appreciable results. However, the cost is not fixed it varies depending on the type of peel used and the current state of pigmentation.

Laser treatment:

Laser can be used to reduce pigmentation. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatment for pigmentation. During the procedure, a laser machine is moved over the skin to eliminate pigmentation. You will notice an immediate reduction in the appearance of pigmentation right after taking the session. The therapy not only reduces dark spots and patches but also increases collagen production in the skin. Most doctors Fraction C02 lasers to treat this type of skin condition.

IPL therapy:

IPL is an advanced technology that aesthetic practitioners are utilizing to treat various skin conditions. The majority of people are undergoing this therapy because it delivers wonderful results. Intense pulse light stimulates collagen growth in the skin and minimizes the appearance of dark spots and patches. The patient has to take multiple sessions to completely and permanently remove them from the skin.


It is an in-office cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of cells from the upper layer of skin but has some effects on the dermis as well. It not only reduces dark spots and patches but also treats wrinkles and scars in just one go. During dermabrasion, the dermatologist uses a hand-held device that is rolled over the skin to reveal smoother and spotless skin.


Almost every individual can undergo this treatment because it safely works on all skin types and tones. Common treatment areas are the jawline, cheekbones, and forehead. The procedure of microdermabrasion is quite similar to dermabrasion. When a device is moved over the affected area damaged cells of the skin are removed and fresh, toned, and flawless skin is revealed.

My Advice:

Before undergoing any skincare treatment I recommend you consult a skin care specialist because he/she would have more understanding and knowledge about it.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right dermatologist for pigmentation treatment is the toughest decision a patient has to make. Visit the dynamic clinic, our skincare specialists are trained and experienced.