Philippines Hair Transplant in Dubai

Looking for a Philippines hair transplant in Dubai? You just have come to the right place. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we provide the best Philippines hair transplant securely.

Most of us are gifted natural hair beauty. But not everyone is blessed with this. Even though the blessed ones suffer from hair loss, or alopecia, due to some genetic or aging causes. Indeed this results in receding hairline and balding scalp mostly in men. Frankly speaking, not every person looks good with such scalp conditions. Though, they make you appear dull, aged than your actual age. And definitely, a hair transplant remains the only solution to such problems. Bringing back the lost hair growth is now simply possible through transplantation. This one-time surgical solution is a thousand times better than temporary relieving medications or ointments.

Quite recently, the Philippines ‘ hair transplants have become so much more popular. Luckily they are now available at our clinic in Dubai. Dynamic is the first aesthetic center to offer the Philippines the best hair transplants in Dubai. It can change your life so that you won’t be tolerating silly jokes from your friends.

Being a leading hair transplant provider in Dubai, we don’t let you go through any disease. Our surgeons put maximum effort to deliver amazing scalp results with endless hair growth. – A lifetime benefit.

Why Choose Dubai Over the Philippines?

Everyone knows the Philippines is a city of natural beauty. People prefer going here for spending their vacation period and also to get hair transplants. But this decision may be sometimes not worth it because of the entire cost you will be going to spend. Similarly, when you get this conduct from Dubai, you can save a good amount relatively compared to the Philippines or any other country like Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

No doubt Philippines transplant techniques are best but now they’re available in Dubai why prefer to spend a big amount on such high-priced procedures? – Think before you decide.

Still, some price variation factors can affect the cost. Ranging around from required baldness coverage to the type of procedure selected. Just like typical hair transplants, the Philippines hair transplant in Dubai is also performed through FUE or FUT. Though, the difference is only in its performing technique.

Hair Transplant Procedure:

You might be wondering about the Philippines hair transplant procedure. Right? What’s different about it?

Just like we have mentioned above, the entire procedure is similar. The difference is only in its up-gradation regarding the post-care of hair follicles. Their improved technical way has now become the adornment of our expert surgeons.

The entire idea behind hair transplants remains the same. A specified amount of grafts are extracted and then implanted on the bald region safely. Our doctors will inform you about the medicated ointments that you must use on the scalp for getting effective scalp growth even in lesser time. It will nourish the hair follicles from its roots and hairs tend to grow within three to four months. Indeed, this is the Philippines’ best technique for effective scalp-hair progress.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Transplant in Dubai?

The cost for a Philippines hair transplant in Dubai starts at AED 6999. There are just the starting charges. Based on the baldness area, the expertise of the surgeon, and the used technique, this cost figure might exceed the.

Our clinic proposes some financial offers. Now you can pay large amounts in installments with zero percent interest.

To avail of this offer please contact our consultants.

Recovery Time After Philippines Hair Transplant:

Most likely patients get recovered from hair transplants within the first 14 days. By following the doctor’s instructions religiously this period can be boosted.

For instance, if you have gone through our latest Philippines hair transplants, you need to come for a post-checkup session after at least a week. Our experts will double-check the scalp condition by identifying how well you followed the aftercare tips for a hair transplant. They also check the proper healing of wounds and find out whether everything is normal or not.

Let’s Conclude:

In recent years, hair transplants have become so much more common. Going for the best Philippines hair transplant in Dubai lets you enjoy the most appealing scalp results with all of the international level standards relatively at very low prices.

Get in touch with our team, if you want to know more about this transplantation procedure.