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Most of the time, people tend to tolerate the small scars that are present in their bodies. This is because they think of each scar as a representation of a struggle that reminds them of something special, they did in the past, that caused that scar. However, those scars become annoying and start looking unpleasant when they form another layer around the wound and are raised prominently.

These scars are known as keloids and they tend to start forming in different parts of your body such as the cheek, earlobes, shoulders, or chest, because of a possible injury. Keloid scars do not cause harm to your physical health, but they do lead to an immense amount of emotional and mental distress.

However, it is important to consult a doctor even if the tiniest imperfections show up on any part of your skin. Some people try to cure it by experimenting with different methods that are readily available on the market such as creams and serums, but they are known to be not that effective and might consist of some harmful effects as well. For example, they can cause the skin to irritate.

Find out more information about the keloid treatment in Dubai, how it works, and what it costs, through this informative article. 

What Are The Symptoms of Keloid Scars?

There are several ways you can tell whether you have formed a keloid on your skin or not. These include

  • Scarring
  • Thick irregular pimples on the chest, shoulder, cheeks, or earlobes
  • The scar is of varied structure and size
  • It is bigger than the original scar
  • The scar causes itchiness
  • It leads to discomfort for the person
  • The scar is an unusual color, such as reddish, purple, or brown. It depends on the person’s skin color as well
  • The scar is shiny, skin raised, lumpy, or hairless

Is There A Permanent Solution for Keloid Scars?

Every Keloid Scar treatment in Dubai aims to make the scar flatter and softer. To get the best results possible a doctor might combine several treatments. These treatments include

Corticosteroid Shots

These shots are medically approved but should only be taken as per a doctor’s advice. They work to shrink the keloid scar.

Freezing The Scar

This method for keloid scar removal in Dubai is also widely known as cryotherapy. It is mostly targeted at small keloids to reduce their size as well as hardness. As a refrigerant, liquid nitrogen is utilized which disrupts the structure.

The treatment mostly takes only one session and is completely painless.

Surgical Removal

A surgeon carefully cuts the keloid using a blade-like instrument. However, there is a tendency for the keloid to return after the treatment.

 Laser Therapy

When it comes to talking about permanently getting rid of the keloid scar, this solution pops into a person’s mind. Not only can it flatten the keloid scar, but it can also gradually fade its color. The way that it works is that the laser beams are used to evaporate the liquid present in the tissues of the neoplasm.

Local anesthesia is administered during the procedure and it may take more than one session to completely get rid of the scar. However, this depends on the size and depth of the keloid.

Pressure Treatment

After surgery has been conducted to remove a keloid, many doctors suggest that the patient applies pressure to the area so that it can reduce the blood flow. This in turn acts as a permanent solution for the problem, as it is unlikely for the keloid to return.

Wearing Silicone Sheets Or Gel Over The Scar

Over time, the gel can act as a flattening solution for the keloid scar, ultimately helping a person get rid of it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Different treatments for keloid scar removal have different costs. However, there are other factors on which the cost depends such as the location of the clinic, the expertise of the doctor, the number of sessions it takes to get the best results, and so on. For instance, the laser treatment for keloids cost ranges from AED 499 to AED 2999 as it depends on the number of sessions it takes.

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