Permanent Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

Get the opportunity to have natural hair for a lifetime. 

HAIR TRANSPLANT- Booming as a permanent solution for baldness. It is the safest, most authentic, trusted, and natural way out to save men’s lives from being bald. Not only men, but women who undergo patchy scalp can also have this surgery. As popular as this surgery become, the pricing factor is the most concern. To help you get through this problem, this blog can surely help. Here I revealed Permanent Hair Transplant Costs in Dubai so that you can plan your budget accordingly. But before you decide anything, ask yourself a few questions. Stand in front of the mirror, and examine your scalp. Focus on your needs and then decide if a hair transplant is for you or not. This is because, before surgery, a person needs to prepare mentally. Realistic expectations are very important to achieve dramatic results.

How Much Does Permanent Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai?

Generally, the cost of a Hair Transplant in Dubai can average from AED 6,999 to AED 18,999. This estimate is noted for an FUE hair transplant. While for FUT you are expected to pay quite less than this. AED 5000 is its starting price. Note that, these rates can fluctuate depending on the number of hair follicles to be implanted. Kindly arrange an appointment with our surgeons for a perfect cost estimate.

How is The Cost Calculated?

Hair Transplant Surgery is a type of procedure with no fixed cost. Significantly it varies from person to person based on the number of grafts. You can get to know the unique graft estimates after the initial consultation. Besides, consider a few factors of Permanent Hair Transplant cost in Dubai.

  • Hair Transplant Method.
  • The size of the area needs to be covered.
  • A number of Hair Grafts.
  • Experience of Surgeon.
  • Clinic’s infrastructure.

How Much it is For 2000 Hair Grafts?

A hair transplant performed with 2000 grafts means scalp coverage is thick and denser. But this doesn’t mean that every hair transplant is done with 2000 hair grafts. It totally depends upon the degree of baldness. For example, if the crown area needs to be treated with a transplant, 800 to 1000 grafts may be enough. Sometimes, it requires even less than this. You can get a perfect estimate of hair grafts after the initial consultation. Expect to pay between AED 17,000 to AED 22,000 for 2000 hair grafts. Though, this cost estimate is meant for FUE whereas for FUT you can pay slightly less.

100% Installment Plan:

To ease the burden of huge expanses, we bring financial plans for our patients so that they can pay a large amount in installments. Our easy installment plan is interest-free and therefore amazing. You can find more details about this by contacting our consultants.

 The Bottom Line:

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers Permanent Hair Transplants starting from AED 6,999. Both FUE and FUT are offered by us. You can go for any one as per your choice however consultation is the best way to find which process can deliver exceptional benefit. Our surgeons analyze your scalp condition, ask about your fears, and medical condition as well as your hair care routine to discern the procedure that suits well to your needs. We are one of the most reliable names for providing the best hair transplants in Dubai. With us, you can get any transplantation either FUE or FUT at affordable rates. Consider adding any details that might help the team to answer your inquiries about Permanent Hair Transplant Costs in Dubai.