Penile Enlargement Surgery

Apparently, many pills and other medical treatments promise yielding results when it comes to increasing the size of your penis. However, most of them might not give you the kind of results you expect. There can be an unobservable increase in the size which in most cases is not satisfactory. This does not mean that if you desire to have your penis enlarged, you are a lost cause because an intimate surgery clinic in Dubai can certainly help you in this regard. Instead of feeling insecure and less confident, you can now better your relationships by getting penile enlargement surgery. Dubai is a famous spot for many institutes. Therefore, the cosmetic industry is also advancing day by day. You can easily get penis enlargement surgery in Dubai.

What does Penile Enlargement Surgery Do?

Penile enlargement surgery is done mainly only for cosmetic purposes and the only process to increase the size of penis surgically is through the insertion of Penuma. Penuma is a piece of silicone which is apt for medical purposes. It not only elongates your penis but also increases its girth. You can get however medically appropriate penis you want. There are three types that you will be offered as a patient: large, extra-large as well as extra-extra-large. Penuma is designed according to the shape of your penis so that it can be inserted inside. Since it is a surgical procedure, a surgical cut is made in the going area. What Penuma does is elongate the penis tissues and make it appear large.

Recovery and Aftercare:

As is with every surgical procedure, you need to be extra careful about yourself after penile enlargement surgery as well. It is a sensitive area we are talking about; therefore, any recklessness with the aftercare can prove damaging. 

Aftercare includes:

  • No vigorous exercise or any other activity should be carried out for at least six weeks.
  • Changing your dressing as instructed by the doctor.
  • No sexual activity for around 4 to 6 weeks. This also means that you cannot masturbate. Your doctor can confirm when you can resume having sex.
  • Take proper rest
  •  Take proper diet as instructed by your doctor.

Why Do Men Get Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Most of the men suffer from self-esteem issues because of their body. In the digital word where porn has set unachievable standards, many men feel the need to get their penis enlarged. In order to have a better sexual experience, men are driven to get a larger penis because it can make men feel confident about their body. Penile enlargement surgery is NOT used to treat any medical condition such as erectile dysfunction. Bottom line is that penile enlargement surgery is done mainly for cosmetic reasons.

Efficacy of Penile Enlargement Surgery:

People who have gone through are happy about the results. Generally, the success rate of this treatment is high. Men who have undergone this surgery and taken proper care of themselves usually feel satisfied. Negative effects have mostly shown in the cases where aftercare was not followed according to the doctor’s instruction. However, research informs that most of the men are quite satisfied with this treatment.

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