Pigmentation Treatment for Oily Skin Uae

With the increasing number of skin diseases, their treatment procedures are also increasing. Flawless skin is nowadays the highest standard of beauty. But the major issues people face are hyperpigmentation and discoloration of the skin. These scars form when there is any kind of injury to the skin. The natural healing process of our body starts releasing excessive collagen. Most individuals peel off the scars with their hands and cause injury to the skin. So, the cycle repeats and the wounds get worsen. There are a variety of other skin problems. They are effectively treated with various skincare treatments. Come and know about Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai for Oily Skin.

What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a common skin problem that occurs due to excess melanin pigment in the skin. Our skin contains a brown pigment called melanin that gets more and results in pigments on the skin. It results in discoloration of the skin due to melanocytes which produce melanin pigment. 

What is Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai?

There is various solution that can address your skin problems and reduce the issue of hyperpigmentation. Following are the Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi options along with their details:

  • Laser Carbon Peel:

A laser carbon peel is also named Hollywood peel. It achieves a bright and radiant skin tone. It is a minimally invasive treatment. Laser Carbon Peel in Dubai uses pulses of laser light after applying carbon lotion to the skin. A carbon-based lotion is applied on the skin and is left out to dry. Then the laser light is exposed to the face which evaporates all the carbon particles from the skin. The heat of laser light exfoliates the skin and you have a bright radiant skin tone. 

  • Chemical Peel:

It is a non-invasive and innovative cosmetic procedure. Chemical Peels in Dubai are gaining popularity all over the world due to their many benefits. The doctor applies a layer of chemical solution that penetrates deep into the skin. It depends on the skin type and extent of damage to the skin and how deep the peel will penetrate. This peel removes the dead layer of skin by deep cleansing the site. As a result, produces new, fresh, and more clear skin.

  • Microdermabrasion Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai:

Microdermabrasion in Dubai removes the outer dead layer of cells and gives you bright and glowy skin. This helps in skin rejuvenation and avoids the pores to get clogged. 

  • Topical skin-lightening agents:

You can opt for various skin-brightening agents. Such as retinol, azelaic acid, and vitamin C. These chemical agents help to reduce the pigmentation scars. They give you bright and glowy skin. 

Aftercare Steps to Follow:

Your doctor will give you some aftercare measures. You should follow all the precautionary measures for good results.

  • You should limit sun exposure and sit in front of the heat.
  • Apply sun sunscreen when you go out. 
  • Make sure that you eat a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • Stop applying any skincare products or makeup for a couple of days after the procedure.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Gently clean your face by applying a cleanser.
  • Keep your skin moisturized by applying moisturizers prescribed by your doctor. 
  • Make sure that you contact your doctor if you feel more pain and swelling. 

Benefits of Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai:

Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi carries many benefits for all types of skin tones. Some of the major benefits are:

  • These treatment options trigger collagen synthesis and make your skin elastic.
  • It assists in skin rejuvenation and encourages a younger-looking complexion.
  • It fades skin diseases including acne and rosacea by reducing skin inflammation and redness.
  • The Treatment minimizes hyperpigmentation and helps to balance out skin tone.
  • Increases blood flow, which might improve the condition of the skin overall.
  • These treatments are less invasive and painless with no downtime.
  • It contains all the organic and skin-friendly products. 
  • It is good for the majority of skin types.
  • Can be done using portable equipment at home or in a professional environment.
  • It offers a practical and mild alternative for maintaining and enhancing skincare.

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