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If a boy’s genetic material hits one of a female’s ovaries, she can become expectant without even a desire for children, but family planning campaigns are aware of people. Now everyone wishes for a pleasant and arranged life, just as everyone wishes for a family plan. If not completed on time, one may resort to dangerous operations such as abortion. For this reason, multiple alternatives have been introduced for enjoying secure intercourse without fear of becoming pregnant, There are numerous methods of contraception available, but not all are good for all circumstances. The best form of birth control is determined by a person’s physical health, age, sexual behavior regularity, intention for increasing family, and inheritance-specific disorders. Contraception attempts to prevent this by separating the sperm from the eggs or by halting egg production. However, the best Type of contraception and how it works play a significant role in the outcome.

The Aims Of The Treatment:

Contraception is described as the deliberate avoidance of pregnancy using multiple devices, and method in sexual behaviors, substances, medications, or medical techniques. As a result, any tool or practice that prevents a from conceiving a baby woman might be deemed a contraceptive. Effective birth control enables a couple to enjoy a sexual relationship without the worry of an unplanned child and provides enough flexibility to have kids when preferred in any social environment. The goal is to achieve optimum privacy and convenience while minimizing costs and adverse effects.

Different Types Of Contraception: 

There are numerous effective categories of Contraception in Dubai, but not all of them are appropriate for every situation, do not use any method without a proper prescription, The optimum form of birth control is determined by a person’s overall health, age, and their wish of having babies in the future, and frequency of sexual activity. Some important types are given below:


They are thin fabrics and have two categories: one for males and one for females. They are utilized to protect the genitalia of both sexes throughout sexual activity. By containing the ejaculatory fluid, they are 80–90% efficient in controlling the child’s birth.

Hormonal Change:

People who seek more safe sexual contact often take hormone therapy to adapt their systems to any developing condition. Hormonal therapy is classified into two types:

(1) Injectables:

After every three months, the women are given injections containing progesterone. This will generally result in a loss of bone density, which is required to prevent conceiving. This can be eliminated by stopping the usage of these injections.

(2) Oral Pills:

These are tablets that a female takes daily, preferably following the same span every day. Both of these can interfere with sperm function and ovulation. It thickens the area, creating it more challenging for sperm to swim into the uterus or fallopian tube and develop further.

Genital Ring:

It is placed in the vagina and found in the shape of a round, and the band constantly distributes hormones for 3 weeks. Two weeks after discarding it for the fourth time, the woman implants a new ring. It has a length of 2 inches and includes progesterone.

Intrauterine Device:

It is a T-shaped tool inserted into the female vagina to protect them from getting pregnant. The expert inserts the gadget. An intravascular gadget (IUD) can be implanted and function normally for many years. The expert will replace or changes the contraceptives after the prescribed time period or when the lady no longer needs or desires them.


A diaphragmatic is a tiny, flexible silicone bubble that is inserted into the Vaginal to prevent sperm from accessing the uterus. It, like condoms, creates a barrier between the man’s sperm and the woman’s egg. After intercourse, it must remain in position for a few minutes. It must be removed and disinfected after a few hours, but no later than 24 hours after sex.


The aseptic technique is utilized for removing the body’s capability to reproduce fully, it can be performed via open or minimally invasive operation. It is a lasting type of prevention that is appropriate for people who are certain they will never have kids or do not desire any more babies. Sterilization is offered for both men and women and is conducted under general anesthesia in a clinic.


This Contraception Technique in Dubai is quite beneficial in numerous ways. This could include its nonsurgical approach and lack of recovery time. Some of its benefits include:

  • Treatments help you with pregnancy planning, postponing, and spacing, and are connected to better delivery outcomes for newborns.
  • Contraception lowers complications of conceiving and lowers the risk of acquiring certain reproductive malignancies.
  • These treatment options treat a wide range of menstrual symptoms and problems.
  • This treatment helps you to maintain your lifestyle.
  • To go away from pregnancy
  • Assist you in having a relaxed encounter.
  • To improve your relationship with your partner,
  • To eliminate all other preventive measures.


After critically reading these, you must be aware of the type of contraception and how it works. Now come to the expenses, which are the most crucial element. At Enfield Royal Clinic, the expenses start from AED 8,999 to AED 13,999, but it is not fixed and constant because they can be different for all patients, price depends on multiple factors, including:

  • The selection of treatment options can affect it because each process has a different specialty and different implications.
  • The experience of the expert can change the cost.
  • The clinical reputation is important, and if it is located in a posh area, the fees will be high.

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