Important Things You Need to Know About Contraception

One of the subjects that receive the least attention is family planning. contraception is an essential element of family planning, but if a boy’s genetic material enters one of a female’s ovaries, she can become pregnant without even wanting children. Everyone now wants a happy, orderly life, but when they unexpectedly conceive a child, they go for risky procedures like abortions. Due to this, a variety of options are developed so that people can enjoy secure sexual relations without worrying about getting pregnant. However, not all contraceptive techniques work well in all situations. The optimal form of preventing unwanted birth relies on a person’s medical condition, age, sexual activity frequency, desire to have more children, and inherited illnesses. If you want to know the procedure, then keep reading. Here is a different alternative method of Contraception in Dubai, which can be beneficial for you.

The Aims of the Treatment:

The purposeful avoidance of pregnancy by a variety of methods, including sexual practices, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or medical procedures, is referred to as contraception. Therefore, any device or method It keeps women safe from getting pregnant could be considered a contraceptive. Effective birth control gives a couple the freedom to engage in sexual activity without worrying about unintended pregnancy and gives them the flexibility to bear kids when they want to in any social setting. The purpose is to improve comfort and privacy while minimizing expenses and negative impacts.

Types of Treatment:

There are numerous Contraception treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, but you cannot choose one without consulting an expert. If you want to avoid pregnancy without side effects, the best way is to consult an expert, who will recommend the most appropriate treatment option after analyzing your physical condition and plans.


The thin plastic covering is used for both males and females to protect the ovaries and resist the mixing of male and female sperm and ovaries. It is very effective and unharmful. They are used to safeguard both sexes’ genitalia when engaging in sexual activities. They are 80–90% successful at preventing the birth of the child by holding the ejaculatory fluid.

Tablets and Pharmaceuticals:

These consist of birth control pills, which control the menstrual cycle and postpone ovulation. Not everyone is a good candidate for this treatment approach.

Intrauterine Contraceptive Device:

An IUCD is a contraceptive method that involves inserting a copper coil into the uterus. The hormones that are released by it can destroy sperm. It is regarded as one of the longest-lasting and safest forms of contraception.

Tube Ligation:

It is an effective form of enduring birth resistance in which a female’s fallopian tube is cut and the ends of the tubes are secured to block ovulation; this also stops the menstrual cycle. Due to the lack of ovulation, a female’s ability to conceive during fertile time is severely limited.


Implants in Dubai are a new and improved form of contraception. The therapy approach entails inserting a gadget into a female patient’s arm. A device releases specific hormones to prevent pregnancy. 


This method of contraception is performed on men. The decision to use contraception is entirely up to the couple. The male can select this if he so desires. As a result, a guy becomes completely infertile; it depends on the health of the male, yet it is an efficient and safe process.


It is an invasive method that completely removes a woman’s uterus, which results in her being sterile. It is not the greatest option of contraception rather, it is carried out to treat diseases or stop them from spreading to other parts of the body.

Important Benefits of Contraception:

There are several significant factors linked to contraception in addition to reducing the rate of pregnancy:

Delay Pregnancy:

Stopping an unwanted pregnancy is one of the main reasons women choose contraception. It is quite common for couples to set off carrying kids until they are ready to do so. The best course of action is to pick a contraceptive that won’t interfere with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Prevent STDs:

Sexual contact between partners can result in the spread of diseases such as syphilis, HIV, and AIDS from one partner to the other. Using reliable contraception, such as condoms made of rubber or latex, will help prevent any unexpected births.

To Control Hormonal Imbalances:

Ovulation and menstrual cycle issues may be brought on by hormonal inequalities. Birth control tablets, which are also a type of contraception, can control this. The chance of pregnancies rises with the quality of your menstrual cycle.

Ovulation Delay:

Women frequently decide to postpone their menstrual cycle, which also delays their ovulation. Keep in mind that you should only use contraceptives to delay your period if your gynecologist has given you the proper advice and medication first.

Maintaining Gaps After a C-section:

Gynecologists recommend that women wait for at least 2.5 to 3 years after giving birth via cesarean section before becoming expectant again to maintain the gap between pregnancies. This is because the uterus and its related components take longer than usual to regain their original positions after the scar and previous surgery, which take time to heal.


Some inevitable negative effects may occur with contraceptive techniques, including:

  • The applicants may gain excessive weight.
  • If the pills are not taken properly, there may be a disturbance in the menstrual cycle.
  • In the case of rubber-based contraception, there might be chances of rupture or leakage.
  • IUCD patients have a high risk of bleeding heavily and painfully.


After carefully reading these, you must be knowledgeable about the types of contraception available and how they work. The most important component is the expense, so let’s talk about it now. The Cost of Contraception in Dubai ranges from AED 8,999 to AED 13,999, although these are not set in stone and vary from patient to patient depending on several variables, such as:

  • The selection of the procedure is important because each process has a unique specialty and a unique impact, and the choice of treatment alternatives can have an impact.
  • The pricing may vary depending on the expert’s experience.
  • The clinical reputation is crucial, and the costs will be considered if it’s in an upscale neighborhood.

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