non surgical nose job dubai

General overview:

A thousand times and over you must have thought that your nose isn’t the way you wanted it to be and you cannot always go for surgical treatments for that. Since your nose is the bridge which connects your upper face to your lower face it needs to be in perfect symmetry and shape. There is nothing much you can do for your nose except for contouring it using complex techniques and you need to follow thousands of bloggers and makeup specialists for that. It is not everyone’s piece of cake to use makeup techniques in order to contour,  the easier and better approach is to go for a non surgical rhinoplasty in Dubai which is a nose reshaping without surgery. 

Here are some facts that give you the insights about nose reshaping without surgery

What is a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty? 

Non- surgical rhinoplasty is a Kind of non-invasive treatment in which dermal fillers are injected into the nose in order to re-shape, reconstruct and resurface the nose. It is basically done for aesthetic purposes and is one of the leading especially for those who have experienced the deformities in the nose after any trauma or infliction.

Why is a Nose Reshaping without Surgery done?

Shaping surgery is done for the following reasons:


A lot of people, especially females, have reported that they are unsatisfied with the shape of their nose. They want a treatment that can instantly resurface there, also not completely convinced with the fact that surgical treatment should be done for known rishipal evolution of surgery is a better approach and much less invasive technique.


There are some anatomical discrepancies present in the nose which can often affect the breathing passage. It could be because of the nasal September deviation or because of the deformities in the nasal bones that could be present at birth or may acquire in the later years of life. To clear the major pathway and improve breathing a lot of the people often go for surgical rhino plastics however a non surgical rhinoplasty is not very privileged into correct the internal deformities of the nose but can alter the exterior part of the nose such as the Allah and the nostrils that can also be problematic some breathing mechanisms.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty? 

Surprisingly non surgical rhinoplasty with comes along with the following benefits: 

  • An ideal tone and texture of the nose.
  • Perfect balance and shape.
  • Correct symmetry and equal proportions .
  • Easy Breathing and airway .
  • A better chance to wear nose pins and rings flawlessly.
  • Improved self confidence and social activity.

How is the Procedure of Nose Reshaping Without Surgery Done? 

1) History Taking and Examination:

Before the suggestion starts the treatment he or she will first note down all the things that are required for the diagnosis and the treatment, your need for the treatment will be recorded and any medical conditions that are associated will also be noted down. During this stage the esthetician will completely study or nose to see the kind of symmetry angles and bullgers that are needed to be corrected.

2) Local Anesthesia Administration:

To block the pain channels the esthetician will administer local anesthesia so that the area can be completely numb. 

3) Filler loading:

Once the initial status is completed the station will now inject hyaluronic acid based filler injection into the cartilage of the nose and into the different sites wherever required.

4) Observation and Recovery:

Once the filler is injected the aesthetician will then clean your nose and will see if any extra blood is oozing out unnecessarily. You will then be monitored to see whether you are doing fine or any allergic reaction has taken place or not. 

What are the Things that are to be Kept in Mind after a Nose Reshaping without Surgery? 

You should know that you cannot expect the results immediately after a nose reshaping. They will be mild to moderate swelling in the early days after the treatment which will genuinely resolve within a few days later. Once you have taken the non-surgical rhinoplasty in Dubai  try to use cold compresses over it so that the swelling can minimize at a faster rate and the redness should also fade off with the proper use of cold compress icing.

The Bottom Line!

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